Your Skincare Routine is Missing This Popular Pick Me Up

When a coffee might not be enough, start your day with caffeine-infused skincare products.
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Coffee is a permanent installment in most morning routines. Before we start our busy workdays, the energizing kick of caffeine allows our minds to reset and get ready to take on the day. We often jump at any opportunity for this much-needed boost, so caffeine-infused skincare might be the next best thing. Yep, you read that right, caffeine is skincare's newest powerhouse ingredient. From reducing inflammation to tightening the skin, caffeine has the same life-giving effect on your skin as it does your mind. 

Take your love for caffeine to the next level by indulging in the coffee that you can drink and apply. When caffeine-based products are absorbed into the skin, blood vessels constrict and produce a tightened and brightened complexion. This antioxidant-packed ingredient fights back against puffiness and signs of aging by stimulating both collagen production and blood circulation. It's especially popular for under-eye creams and treatments, as it will literally help the often tired area appear more awake and revitalized. Moreover, caffeine can be applied to the body, too. It is especially effective in smoothing away cellulite, as caffeine has the special ability to dissolve the fat cells that live below the skin's surface by converting them into fatty acids that can then be removed by blood circulation and metabolized into energy. Evidently, this new dose of caffeine will reflect the alertness of your post-coffee mind with clear and glowing skin. 

The hype around caffeinated skincare and beauty is definitely real, and some of your favorite brands are catching on. From Susanne Kaufmann's body toning lotions to Esspressoh's caffeine-infused beauty, these invigorating picks will keep your skin and body looking lively, smooth, and bright. Here are a few products that are worth checking out for your skin's caffeinated boost:


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