All the Iconic Princess Diana's Looks Recreated in "The Crown"

The show nailed all the Princess most iconic's fashion moments
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The highly anticipated fourth season of The Crown is, every day that pass, closer to us, who binged watch the previous one in a week (or even less if we wanna be honest).The reason most people can’t keep their cool is that one of everyone's favorite character will be introduced: Princess Diana.

The woman who turned upside down all the rules of Buckingham Palace, immediately made a name for herself in one particularly field: fashion. Every photo that paparazzi took of her created a trend (and some of them are still a thing today: biker short, we’re talking about you!) and made world immediately fascinated by the smiling blonde beauty.

No wonder why all the fashion enthusiasts all over the globe were truly excited about the new addition to the cast and had tremendous high expectations about it. Fortunately, we do not have to wait any longer to have a sneak peak of which iconic looks Emma Corrin, the actress who plays Diana in the series and look just like her even without make up, is going to wear: some photos of the behind-the-scenes have been circulatin on the Internet and a part of the curiosity has been satisfied.

From the iconic wedding gown to the shining red dress (and matching hat), here’s the looks that we will soon see on the show and it has to be said, comparison are doing her justice:


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