Accessories Taking Over the Stage: Guide to the 2023 Accessory Trends

In the 2023 Spring/Summer collections, we have seen many exaggerated and magnificent designs that dominate the catwalks that often push the limits of imagination. And if we have seen a commonality in these dreamy collections, in which impressive designs offer optional and dynamic approaches to wearability, accessories have had such an experimental attitude that they almost steal the leading role from clothes. From the romanticized but cool vibes that Simone Rocha added to the floral and shirred long gloves at 2023 London Fashion Week, the style inspiration given by Chanel's nostalgic fishnet stockings accompanying the shoe patterns in the 2023 Spring/Summer collection and Tom Ford's maximalist jewels referring to the 70s disco period on the 2023 New York Fashion Week runways, it is inevitable to see the dominance of accessories in combinations this season. 

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