Helmut Newton for Wolford: Anniversary T-Shirts

2020 is both the year of Wolford's 70th anniversary and Helmut Newton would also have turned 100. His collaboration with Wolford in the late 1990s was a milestone in the history of fashion photography. The images he created during this period are still among the most famous in the history of the brand. Now they can become part of your own wardrobe.
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Images that once adorned billboards and art galleries around the world

Newton sold sex and unattainable glamour. As one of the most influential visual creators of his time, his images shaped the way women were portrayed in fashion editorials and advertisements.

Often considered a controversial figure, his photography focused on the figure of women. While many considered his portraits anti-feminist and still do (especially in light of the #metoo debate), Newton himself often felt that he empowered his portraits by framing them and inserting them into a complex, layered composition in which they were the center of attention.

In his efforts to create a contemporary image of women, Newton focused on fashion. In the late 1980s, Newton began a commission for Wolford. This commission focused on the creation of images for advertising and the packaging of tights.

Now he was able to create an image that focused not only on the product itself, but also on the feeling you would get when wearing it. His groundbreaking campaign featured beautiful models daringly placed in a stunning landscape. Newton's models are assertive, independent, and have complete control not only of the space in the photograph, but also of their lives. Newton often conjured up images of the sublime, drawing inspiration from romantic artists. As one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, he made a lasting impression on the world of fashion photography.

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The pictures the photographer took during his collaboration with Wolford in the late 1990s are among the most famous images in the brand's history. To mark the occasion, Wolford is now presenting three limited edition T-shirts featuring photos from the collaboration. They are made of 100% cotton and can now enrich your closet.


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