Well-being through Aromatherapy: Charming fragrances for the soul and your home

Aromatherapy is not only spread in social media apps, it has been an acknowledged healing practice ever since. Essential oils and soothing scents help to relax and relieve anxiety. In order not to deprive you of the health-promoting scents, here are the best methods for effective aromatherapy summarized.
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Aromatherapy covers a huge range of applications, from candles to essential oils, which stimulate our sense of smell. Among them, many different medicinal plants are used. That is why aromatherapy is also considered a natural medicine. Already in ancient Egypt, the healing effects of medicinal plants and their scents were appreciated and used to perform rituals. Today, people use aromatherapy to strengthen or relieve their own body and mind and to stimulate healing processes. Often aromatherapy is closely associated with esotericism, for which there is no scientific evidence.

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The ever-popular classic of aromatherapy are candles. In a beautiful bowl or shape, candles decorate any home and create a romantic and cozy atmosphere. The combination of decorative appearance and a wide variety of fragrances is pleasant for everyone. The scented candle also originated in ancient Egypt at the time of high civilization. At that time, people used cinnamon to cover the unpleasant smell of burnt animal fat and thus the beginnings of today's candle were laid. Candles that you can buy in the store, of course, no longer have much to do with it.

Usually, an aroma candle consists of several different fragrances. These are divided into a so-called top-, heart- and base note. The top note comes out when you first smell the candle and evaporates first when burning. This is often a very fresh floral or citrus scent, such as lavender or lemongrass. Then the heart note unfolds, which is the main component of the scent. Usually this scent is very intense, floral or oriental tinged, such as chamomile, lotus or cinnamon. Lastly, the base note of the candle burns off. This scent lasts the longest and is usually woody or even vanilla or sandalwood.

Candles are the easiest way to use aromatherapy at home and can be bought everywhere. Good quality candles have a more intense and effective scent and are therefore a lot more expensive than the candles from the discount store. The positive effect of a high-quality candle is definitely worth it. To double the relaxation level, the candles are best packed in a cute holder to spice up the ambience as well.

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Candle Tom Dixon – 252 EURO

Crackling Candles

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Unlike normal candles with a cotton wick, crackle candles have a wooden wick. This creates an atmosphere almost like a campfire or an open fireplace. While the candle burns, you can hear this quiet crackling. The wooden wick also creates a wider flame. This does not burn as brightly as a normal candle, but glows slowly. This has the advantage that the aromatic substances in the candle can spread better. However, one disadvantage is that the flame is not as strong as with a cotton wick, which is why it is better to use wooden wick candles only indoors.

If you like the soft crackling sound, wooden wick candles can make you relax and calm down even better. Therefore, the crackle candles are also perfect for aromatherapy, because in addition to the scent, they can also help with the crackling sound to achieve a more pleasant state of mind.

However, a candle with a wooden wick requires more care than a conventional one. The wooden wick should have been shortened to about 5mm before each lighting. If the wooden wick is too long, it will not burn or will burn weakly. Another important thing is to let the candle burn to the very edge before putting it out again. This is useful with any candle, so that the aromas can spread better when lit several times. For the candle with wooden wick, you should definitely implement this on the first lighting.

The wooden wicks are also a lot more sustainable than the cotton wicks. For the small pieces of wood, much less water is used in the production than for those made of cotton. You don't have to miss out on anything when it comes to the look of the candle bowl either. The rustic wooden wick candles are already available from a wide variety of suppliers with handsome designs. Such as those from the Austrian manufacturer Looops. The candles from Looops are not only made from vegetable wax, but also the candle jars are made of sustainable material. They conjure up the romantic green glasses for their aroma candles from old wine bottles. 

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Crackling Candle Looops – 35 EURO

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Crackling Candle Marloe Marloe – 305 EURO

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Crackling Candle Up Candle – 29,90 EURO

Incense Sticks

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Opinions are divided when it comes to incense sticks. On the one hand, they are also used by esoteric healers and in aromatherapy, because they spread a very intense aromatic scent. On the other hand, the fine dust particles, which are created by the combustion of the sticks are bad for health.


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Incense sticks have their origin in different countries. On the one hand from India, Japan and Tibet. Depending on the country of origin, they are also made slightly different. While the incense sticks from India and the Vietnamese area have a wooden support stick made of bamboo on which the incense paste is pressed, the incense sticks from Japan and Tibet come without such a wooden stick. These consist purely of the incense paste, which is usually a mixture of the fragrances, water and wood powder.

The incense sticks are also strongly spiritually inclined, as they are found in temples in their countries of origin. The scents of sandalwood or frankincense are used there for prayers and meditation. The incense sticks are supposed to make negative energies disappear. In aromatherapy at home they are more for harmonization and relaxation. Lavender helps with sleep and relaxation. Cinnamon, for example, is supposed to alleviate anxiety.

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Incense Stick Holders

The aromatic incense sticks should not only stimulate the sense of smell and do good to the soul, but also visually fit into the apartment. Extra fancy incense holders immediately trigger even more positive mood than the scent alone. Fortunately, some designers have taken on this task and created eye-catching incense stick holders for your home.

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Incense Stick Holder L’Objet – 1.500 EURO

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Incense Stick Holder Gucci – 190 EURO

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Incense Stick Holder Maison Balzac – 229 EURO

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Smudge Sticks

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Fumigation with the help of herbal bundles already has a long tradition. Especially in various religions and spiritual groups, it is still practiced today in temples and churches to purify the atmosphere. Incense has various effects. Among other things, it is said to neutralize vibrations and emotions, but also to have an anti-bacterial and purifying effect. Some medicinal plants have these defensive and disinfecting effects. Another effect, which is more spiritually inclined, is the expulsion of evil spirits through incense. Spiritual rituals are very often associated with incense to expand consciousness as well.

However, in aromatherapy it is mainly to calm and decelerate. By igniting the incense bundle by fire, the smoke can settle in the air. This is to ignite the active ingredients of the medicinal plants. The fragrances have a strong effect on the spiritual level and on the central nervous system. Again, each plant has its own effect. Sage is said to have a cleansing effect and then promote concentration. Lavender has a balancing and calming effect. Inner peace and warmth are said to be achieved by rose petals.

Incense bundles are one of the most elaborate forms of aromatherapy and also take the most time. You have to be deliberately focused here and also bring some materials and knowledge with you. For beginners, caution is advised here, so one should get more specific information beforehand to fully enjoy an incense bundle.

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Essential Oils

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Essential oils are extracted from medicinal plants. The extract from the plants has the same active ingredients as the plant itself. Medicinal plants were used by people hundreds of years ago to cure diseases. Flowers, leaves, roots but also resin, berries, fruits and seeds are used for the production of essential oils. Depending on the plant, either steam distillation, solvent or cold pressing is used to obtain the precious essential oil. The most popular medicinal plants include tea tree, anise, sage, chamomile, rose, oak bark or eucalyptus. But there are countless other variations and each has its own special effect.

For insomnia and nervousness lavender helps best. To increase the ability to concentrate, use eucalyptus or rosemary. Clary sage and lemon are described as very invigorating and uplifting. Bergamot and aniseed are considered mood enhancers among the medicinal plants. However, there is always the personal preference of a fragrance. Different varieties of high-quality essential oils can be found online for example at Saint Charles, Doterra or Sonnentor.

The applications of essential oils are very diverse. You can use them as a room fragrance, for example in a fragrance lamp or in a humidifier. But the oils can also be used in combination with oil massages or enjoyed as a relaxing bath. Furthermore, essential oils are popular with sauna-goers. No matter how you want to use essential oils, you should first find out exactly about the dosage. This varies from oil to oil and usage, usually it is between 2 to 15 drops. Too high a dosage is counterproductive and can lead to intolerances.

There are now many different suppliers, which produce and distribute essential oils. Quality is very important for the expensive oils, this determines the purity and content of the medicinal plant in the final product. In the case of cheap production, the oils are often diluted to obtain larger quantities. This is done at the expense of quality. So before buying, you should make sure that the product is of high quality. Preferably, the oil comes from organic farming and was produced without pesticides. Transparent data from the manufacturer about the cultivation of the plant, processing, production, and additives, are a good sign of careful made essential oils. Cheap suppliers even produce essential oils synthetically and completely without using a medicinal plant. These oils usually have a very intense smell, but no proven effect.

Fragrance Sticks

1650639917089492 fragrance sticks
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Fragrance sticks, or diffuser sticks, are known for their soothing atmosphere. By using the sticks and a mixture of alcohol and essential oils, an aromatic scent is released. The sticks absorb the mixture and release it into the room air through cold evaporation, called diffusion. The alcohol serves here as a solvent for the evaporation of the scents. The better the air circulation in the room, the more intensively the scents can spread. Whether the sticks are short or long has little effect. Longer sticks need more time to be completely absorbed by the fragrance mixture. However, the number of fragrance sticks can make a difference to the intensity of the fragrance. The more sticks used, the more pronounced the scent.

Bamboo, rattan or balsa wood are used to make the scent sticks. These are especially good for soaking up the liquid. There are also already artificially produced fragrance sticks, which are supposed to store the scent even longer. If the scent wears off, you can refill the scent bottles and also change the scent sticks themselves after two or three times. So you don't always have to buy a completely new product, but can use refills. Not only with a pleasant smell but also visually, the fragrance sticks give the living room a charming atmosphere.

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Fragrance Sticks Locherber Milano – 730 EURO

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Aromatherapy at home can be easily implemented in several ways. No matter which variant you prefer, to achieve relaxation through aromatherapy you should consciously concentrate on the scents. This is always connected with a time-out, in which one fades out the everyday life briefly. You will probably not achieve a miracle cure at home with aroma scents. But you can find a routine in which you leave no room for negative thoughts and try to forget your everyday worries. You just need to find the right scent for yourself, in order to bring you mental welfare and serenity in your daily life.   

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