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The Jungle is Calling

We have already missed the opportunity to move and travel freely. To please yourself a little, you can add wildlife to your space. Here are a few tricks on how to do it easily.
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Marc's Antonio animal farm

Connections between Man and Nature are his favorite theme; interpreting both dynamics and beauties of nature; showing Man's attitude affecting the original.



Avalana Design

Her work line in painting the natural habitats worldwide and reflects the exquisite details found within them. Each design tells its own story; prints and patterns draw inspiration from a blend of travels, folklore, and nature.

Werner Voss

Bring Adventure Home - That's not just a motto for this company, but it is central to the way we operate since 1986.



Craig Miller-Randle

He celebrates nature by creating interior green paradises. Craig shows us how adding and cultivating plants have transformed his spaces into personal sanctuaries through his homes in Melbourne and Bali.





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