Les Toupies by Henry Jacques

A Striking Trilogy of Limited Edition Haute Parfumerie Masterpieces is complete
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With the recent launch of Les Toupies 3, Haute Parfumerie Henry Jacques completed its trilogy of masterpieces. A highly limited collection of three ‘couples’ enveloped in romance, Les Toupies represent the quintessence of the Maison’s art of Great Perfumery, rare and delicate essences presented in flacons worthy of holding only the most precious fragrances.

The story behind Les Toupies, or Spinning Tops, is one of our earliest dreams, the flacon a memory of a childhood fantasy that brings us great joy, and a playful expression of emotions and storytelling. Years in the making, strong in form yet delicate in detail, the precious crystal containers are made entirely by hand, painstakingly crafted into complex patterns of planes and angles, faceted like gemstones in order to capture and reflect the light, and evoke the character of the fragrance within.





This first pair of flacons was created to match a pair of exquisite fragrances: Mr H & Mrs Y. These signature perfumes are dear to Henry Jacques and epitomise French elegance – encompassing grace, a style, an effortless beauty. Mr H & Mrs Y tell a life story and also represent a love story, so it is natural that they should be presented as a couple: woman and man; feminine and masculine; softer and stronger. With one flacon slightly larger than the other, synergies appear; the curves of one seeming to respond to the other. The scents are timeless and universal, with a real distinction to their style.

Mr H: Cedar Leaf, Geranium, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Amber and Patchouli…

Mrs Y: Ylang-Ylang, Rose Damascenia, Jasmine, Iris – Wild Lily of the Valley and Tonka Bean…


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With the second couple, two new characters add another dimension to this magical story of life and romance. Inventive, evocative and avant-garde, No.16 & No.81 are deeply rooted in the values of classical Haute Parfumerie and yet unconstrained by traditional rules. They are modern perfumes – a new kind of artistic expression, rather than a quest into past. As the light plays across the boldly architectural forms of the flacons, their silhouettes appear almost futuristic, their edges and angles playing off each other like an infinity mirror.

No.16: Gardenia, Ylang-Ylang, Rose de Mai Centifolia , Florentine Iris , Ambrette Seed White Musk and Vetiver…

No.81: Hesperidia Notes, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Dehen el Oudh, Ginger; Musk, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean…


1605093054537269 hj toupies family 7

Fanfan & Galileo are the third and final perfumes in the limited edition Les Toupies series, the most curved and rounded Toupies of them all, and perhaps the most playful of all as well! There is a certain swing to their personality, a natural marriage of exuberance and intimate emotions, a dreamt romance. Galileo is filled with strength and poetry, European with a yearning for the many pleasures of life; Fanfan is soft, with a rare intensity and complex layers, a Parisian perfume by nature, as graceful as it is unpretentious.

Galileo: Lavender, Mandarin, Geranium, Patchouli, Myrrh, Benzoin, Oak Moss, Tobacco, Amber…

Fanfan: Saffron, Lavender, Geranium, Sandalwood, Rose Damascenia, Cedar Wood, Leather, Amber...

And like that, the story comes to an end.. One pair of flacons after another, one pair of fragrances after another, weaving a captivating tale of life and romance.

Specially created for those with a passion for art and historic French craftsmanship, and a deep affinity for the mystical beauty of fragrance, Les Toupies represents nothing short of a technical and artistic breakthrough for Great Perfumery.


The family of fragrances is priced as follows: Mrs Y – AED 21,590, Mr H – AED 30,490 // No. 16 – AED 20,010, No. 81 – AED 29,435 // Fanfan – AED 23,145, Galileo – AED 31,370, and is available at the Henry Jacques boutique in The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension, telephone: +971 4 3317533.

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