Omnia Profumi - Each Fragrance Is a Story

From feminine florals to crisp citruses and intensive woods, whatever your perfume preference, there’s a perfect match for everyone. Before you give up and reach for any old perfume you have lying around, what if we told you that Omnia Fragrances has created the fragrance of your dreams? Omnia and Fabrizio Tagliacarne brands are niche maison in a world of significant specialists in perfumery. A charming smell, a story, and a beautiful bottle included.
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The Tagliacarne family has been working in gemology and jewelry for many years. This unique experience later gave birth to the Omnia Profumi story in 2009. Fabrizio Tagliacarne infused his passion for essence into his brand and created a unique and sublime collection of fragrances. He carried over his experience with precious stones to each scent, combining them and thus making the Jewel collection.

"The message of what I create is inside the bottle." - Fabrizio Tagliacarne.

In 2019, the brand turned ten years old. The brand creators launched the new Olfactory Relations collection in Cannes in honour of the brand's anniversary. Also, on this occasion, Fabrizio created a unique personal brand, "Fabrizio Tagliacarne", with a single fragrance that he called "ICIO", after his nickname.

Stones Collection

Each fragrance is an olfactory journey through a book of life. Each fragrance can be blended to create its own unique, tailor-made bouquet. The uniqueness is also given by how the essences behave and change in combination with each skin type. There are 7 fragrances in the Stone collection: AMBRA, CRISTALLO, DIAMANTE, MADERA, OPALE, OPALEROSA, OPALE DI FUOCO".


Fabrizio, for friends "ICIO", an avid motorcyclist, conveyed his temperament, irascibility, curiosity, and cheerful disposition to his perfume brand. Each creation of Fabrizio is dedicated to a moment, a person, or a feeling that he met on his life path. The perfumer created compositions for his beloved grandfather, who called him "ICIO". Loving memory of him, now enclosed in an elegant and sophisticated package, keeping memories and smells associated with a dear person: tobacco, vetiver, wood. The perfumes have so much affected him that he committed himself exclusively to creating them in the world of the niche perfumery, continuing through the world of luxury.

Another Omnia collection is the White Stone series highlighting new precious and sought-after fragrances. The classic Madera fragrance from Omnia takes on a fresher and summery hue thanks to the note of anise and is called White Madera.

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