Power of Scent: Your Perfect Match For The Upcoming Summer Season

With every change of season comes a shift in mood, a change of prerogatives, and a difference in smells. The long-awaited summer season is coming, the time of flowers, freshness, and sea breeze. You can discover a very personal selection of the favourite fragrances of the L'Officiel Cyprus Team here.
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Inspired by pharmaceutical aesthetics, Maison Tahité's amber bottles capture the brand's essence: luxury and love for nature. In addition, the brand uses the iconic raw materials of perfumery. This project begins with the precious raw materials of vanilla and cacao, showcasing their eclectic expressions of warmth and security and, at the same time, the "desire to escape to a faraway paradise."


The sweet notes of vanilla were carried by the sea wind. A seductive mix of sea, salt, vanilla and wood, enriched with a touch of jasmine to give harmony and elegance to the composition.


Jasmin, aquatic notes, marine notes

Vanilla, Cedarwood

A naughty and libertine fragrance, an invitation to gourmandise and playful transgression. Bergamot and Mandarine open the way to a heart of flowers and spices dancing on a warm base. Rose and Tuberose, dressed in Cardamom, move lightly over a bed of Caramel, Vanilla, Patchouli and Benzoin, in a voluptuous and thrilling choreography.

Bergamot – Mandarine

Cardamom – Rose – Tuberose

Cocoa – Caramel – Vanilla – Patchouli – Benzoin


“He who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men.”

Patrick Süskind

INITIO PARFUMS PRIVÉS attended the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 after years of study, research and evolution of the brand. The brand is the festival's official partner and contributes to the exquisite gift sets for VIPs, stars, and starlets. 

The next stage in the development of INITIO began in France. The 7 new unisex fragrances have quickly become a must-have among perfume lovers who prefer unique scents beyond the mainstream.

The notes cause associations with potent, unique olfactory mixtures. A celebration of borderline aromatic compositions capable of delivering pleasure and physical attraction. The Carnal Blends collection consists of 4 uncompromising fragrances. The sense of smell is overflowing with small flashes of sensuality that speak so clearly of our most animal nature. Fragrances that gently achieve a significant aromatic effect.

Main notes: Magnolia, Jasmin, Vanilla, Heliotrope, Almond, Sandal, Hedione

A solar scent endowed with heavenly power. A captivating blend envelops the wearer. Its effect oscillates between pure energy and pure addiction.

Main notes: White Flowers, Ambe, Sandal wood, Vanilla, Musk

Founded in 1885, by François Auguste Guerbois, the Spa Les Bains Guerbois quickly became the Parisian temple of beauty and well-being, where artists such as, Manet, Monet, Zola, Renoir, Proust and high society meet. In 1978 the establishment, renamed Les Bains Douches, became one of the most famous nightclubs in the world. In 2015, Les Bains was transformed into a 5* boutique hotel and revived its club and Spa along the way. Jean-Pierre Marois, the heir of the place, reinvented Les Bains Guerbois by launching a first signature Cologne and a perfumed candle in 2016. A body care collection followed the year after. Since 2017, an Eau de Parfum collection has been launched with perfumers Michel Almairac, Dominique Ropion, Fanny Bal, Bertrand Duchaufour, Jérôme Epinette and Dorothée Piot.  Each fragrance is an olfactive journey to a specific year and story of its rich past of more than 135 years. Les Bains Guerbois revamped their perfume bottle, a new version in 3,3oz size (100ml) with engraving. 



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