Adrian Bo on the Importance of Raising Awareness about Mental Health Issues

The subject of mental health is becoming less taboo as awareness and acceptance of the fact that mental health is a part of our overall health increases. Our state of mind is the biggest driver of our quality of life, and it is crucial that we take it seriously. With technology moving life at the speed of light, it becomes more demanding overall. Here, Adrian Bo reminds us that the importance of mental health is increasing in the 21st century.
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Leadership and sales coach and entrepreneur Bo has worked with countless people on their professional development and understands the direct correlation between our mental health and how well we do in our careers. "Our careers require abundant focus and dedication, and if our headspace isn't right, we risk falling short of our goals," explains Bo. "What we've learned through the past is that the longer mental health problems simmer behind closed doors, the more they become devastating."

Raising awareness is the first step. "When we openly talk about mental health, we provide support for the next person," states Bo. "We are helping them understand they aren't alone, and there are places to go for help." Bo is an advocate for strengthening oneself from within, and he believes that starts with mental health.

W​ell-known for his real-estate sales coaching program, he has seen firsthand the epidemic and systemic mental health challenges among his peers. Having suffered through his own severe bout with burnout and unrealistic expectations, Bo turned to coach others working hard to change the narrative and create a better system where people aren't merely working to survive. They are working to thrive.

"The world is facing thousands of challenges, and so much of it is out of our control," explains Bo. "We need to take care of ourselves, ensuring we are strong enough to withstand the challenges this century has thrown at us." Through coaching, Adrian Bo reaches people where they are at, building them up one step at a time.

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