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Giorgio Armani Prive - Shine

Giorgio Armani has once again brought his haute couture collection to the catwalk, through a magical transformation of symbols, lines, and colours into a new expressive path, which cuts across the sense of time. In this show, which was hosted for the second time in the building that houses the Italian Embassy in Paris, the designer has incorporated some pieces from the latest haute couture collection with respect and recognition to Milan, thus establishing a subtle common thread that underscores a deep sense of authenticity that transcends seasons.
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The collection carries within itself the true meaning of luminosity. It can be seen through the brightness of textures that nearly appear to be fluid, through the sheen of satin and silk entwined with super fine metallic thread. The long evening dresses appear as if they are gently floating, while the delicate blouses with the unique crinoline ruffles present proudly a very unusual design. It is the radiant mix of elegance and the Armani masculinity, which mightily shines through in the unique outfit combinations, such as long skirts and jackets or embroidered dresses.

However, it is not only the exclusively distinctive composition of pieces that plays a significant role in this collection. The color choice of jade green, mauve, cornflower blue, slate, indigo, as well as an unexpected range of pinks sends a powerful message. Additionally, the intriguing selection of accessories, which skillfully incorporate feathers, crystals, and stones, helps feature a clean design and enhances the collection. 


See the full collection below:


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