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Highlights from Ukrainian Fashion Week noseason sept 2021

The 49th Ukrainian Fashion Week kicked off on September 2. During those four days, 95 designers and brands presented their collections.
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According to the organizers of Ukrainian Fashion Week, the priority areas remain the support for young designers, sustainable fashion and cross-sectoral.

Fashion photographer Alex Dani kindly shared the highlights from the event with L'Officiel Monaco.

UFEG: STACY by Anastasia Chemerchenko

It's the brand of sophisticated women's clothing. Romanticism with glamour, refined elegance, and exceptional attention to details create a stylistic approach reminiscent of luxury and uniqueness.

1631359985840954 ufeg stacy boutique1 lofficiel monaco1631359985735482 ufeg stacy boutique2 lofficiel monaco
1631359985868402 ufeg stacy boutique7 lofficiel monaco1631362343278229  dsf6862 lofficiel monaco
1631359985828312 ufeg stacy boutique6 lofficiel monaco

Fresh Fashion: MILD POWER BY Milda Griksaite

Mild Power is a young and innovative clothing brand with bright, recycled tulle and denim garments inspired by sports, music and fairy tale heroes.

1631360237198035 mildpower18 lofficiel monaco1631360237185075 mildpower17 lofficiel monaco
1631360237224770 mildpower15 lofficiel monaco1631360237299947 mildpower10 lofficiel monaco
1631360237311891 mildpower14 lofficiel monaco


1631360314001023 bezmezh13 lofficiel monaco1631360313965522 bezmezh2 lofficiel monaco
1631360314216961 bezmezh11 lofficiel monaco1631360314034192 bezmezh3 lofficiel monaco
1631360314116120 bezmezh8 lofficiel monaco


1631360385172019 burenina5 lofficiel monaco1631360385342410 bureninia1 lofficiel monaco
1631360385194386 burenine3 lofficiel monaco


1631362306000240 gasanova3kazka lofficiel monaco1631360876773166 gasanov2kazka lofficiel monaco
1631360876785113 gasanova4 lofficiel monaco


1631360909647909 arutinova2 lofficiel monaco1631360909709639 arutinova3 lofficiel monaco
1631363026335361 arutinova4 lofficiel monaco1631360909813926 arutinova5 lofficiel monaco
1631360909869508 arutiunova1 lofficiel monaco



1631360955340977 ironthread1 lofficiel monaco1631360955422306 ironthread2 lofficiel monaco
1631360955215004 ironthread6 lofficiel monaco



1631361003453301 lalier1 lofficiel monaco1631361003702140 lalier6 lofficiel monaco
1631361003936071 lalier8 lofficiel monaco


1631361074466791 donez1 lofficiel monaco1631361074528183 donez7 lofficiel monaco
1631362281435910 donez8 lofficiel monaco1631362610291307 donez5 lofficiel monaco


1631361102464473 lem2 lofficiel monaco1631361102258670 lem3 lofficiel monaco
1631361102398594 lem1 lofficiel monaco


1631361237047932 vorozhbytzemskova1 lofficiel monaco1631361237117383 vorozhbytzemskova3 lofficiel monaco
1631362259505579 vorozhbytzemskova2 lofficiel monaco1631362259332103 vorozhbytzemskova5 lofficiel monaco



1631361281765056 coat1 lofficiel monaco1631361281461280 coat5 lofficiel monaco
1631361281626590 coat3 lofficiel monaco1631361281286790 coat7 lofficiel monaco
1631361282053532 coat6 lofficiel monaco

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