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Valentino Rendez-Vous - A Love Letter to the strong Women - Spring / Summer 2022

On the streets of Paris. The creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli wants to keep the Maison alive and contemporary by showing his Pret-à-Porter Collection at Carreau du Temple with a catwalk embracing the location and the street.
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Valentino Rendez-Vous at Carrau du Temple is not conceived as streetwear but represents the full authenticity of the street life. The Directors idea of beauty is permeated by imperfection and its liveliness, not being static or controlled. Beauty is found in everyday life and is not to become evanescent.

4 Boutiques within the area surrounding Carreau du Temple will be personalized by the Maison from the 1st to the 5th of October 2021. Each store will maintain its own identity, its own difference and individuality with one common denominator: the Maison's quest of pursing Valentino resignification.


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The first boutique consists of Valentino Concept Store where the limited edition Vlogo signature hoodies boasting the statement "(V) Vaccinated" wil be sold in exclusive.

The second represents a special takeover that will boast a collaboraiton with the music podcast 'Are We On Air' that will feautre exclusive interviews with renowed artosts and playlists. A special selection of iconic Valentino Garavani Roman Stud will be exposed.

The third boutique "Open for Change", presents mindfully created and consciously crafted sneakers with sustainability in mind. Valentino activates its responsible journey and reinforces its conscious mission.

Lastly, Valentino Beauty will take over Messieurs Dames beauty salon, which will continue to operate as a hair salon for the duration of the pop up. A Valentino Beauty expert will be at disposal offering beauty advise.


On the other hand; the catwalk, fashion worn by individuals arrives after a tour and a detour through alleys and sidewalks. Icons of the house are re-edited whith philological accuracy and labeled Valentino Archive as they travel through space and time, encountering today's physicality. 

Tailoring is reinterpreted in the volumes and the vivid, acrylic colours; active-inspired pieces enhance the physicality and sensuality of the body.


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Taffettas, a symbol of Couture is washed, beaten and deprived of any preciousness to turn into jackets, anoraks and oversized shirts. Bermuda shorts, the play of additions are enhanced by the contrasting colors. Denim, worn with precious white shirts that are decorated and embroided, is another tribute to the archive.

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The overblown floral prints are instinctively mixed, while embroideries move from eveningwear to outerwear.

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Reconnecting with the street, in the end, means touching the ground; wearing boots, or flat Valentino stud sandals and as a re-edition.


In the journey through space and time, one thing appears clearly: it is personal identity that creates the aesthetic, which involved by fragmenting it.

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