Back to the Roots: New Oversized Blazer by Tote

Tote releases an oversized blazer FOLK with a traditional Ukrainian headscarf, which dropped before the upcoming summer collection.
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The Hustka has long been a core symbol of Ukrainian cultural heritage, inherited via the female line, carried throughout life as a talisman protecting the hair from the evil eye.

Alina Frendiy, the brand's creator, fashion influencer, and the campaign's face, empowers women to add traditional clothing to their modern style. And in this way, the fashion insider encourages remembering and preserving ancestors' roots and legacy. 

"I love everything about blazers; they make the essence of my wardrobe. This February, when I attended Milan Fashion Week, I thought about how to express my Ukrainian identity and draw attention to the war. Back then, I took a national flag in my hands and later imagined FOLK, a jacket with a headscarf." - Alina Frendiy, founder of Tote

The oversized single-breasted piece with sharp-notched lapels comes in black and ivory shades with an accent on shoulder lines and is perfect for any season.

Established in 2018, Tote is a Ukrainian ready-to-wear brand renowned for its minimalistic design specializing in blazers of various simplistic forms and cuts. The FOLK, however, is designed to become a statement piece with a soft touch of national symbolism.

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