Hanro Forever – The Story of Generations

Quality awareness is an attitude that is often passed down through generations. People only place their trust in brands and products that meet their own quality standards and are reliable and long-lasting. Such brands are trusted and recommended to the next generation. This is how tradition is created.
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At the beginning of October, HANRO has launched "HANRO FOREVER - THE STORY OF GENERATIONS," a global multi-channel campaign. The aim of the campaign is to demonstrate the cross-generational love and loyalty to the HANRO brand and the unique, long-lasting quality of its products. The catchy key visuals pay tribute to the campaign's central idea and the target group: Ladies and gentlemen models from different generations, dressed in iconic HANRO products, photographed in front of a natural mountain backdrop. The brand values include origin, tradition, the use of natural materials, and HANRO's timeless design and quality standards.

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Underwear for Every Generation

Since its founding in 1884, HANRO has succeeded in capturing the spirit of each generation in its underwear collections. This has resulted in iconic series, such as the 'Cotton Seamless' Spaghetti Top, which captured the lifestyle of generations in fabric and shaped the brand.

"Our promises from back then still form the core values of the brand today. We demonstrate this every day with our passion for the product and dedication to the smallest detail. Our claim remains to provide high-quality, sustainably manufactured premium linen made from natural materials in a timeless design and consistently good quality, also for future generations", - Stephan Hohmann, HANRO Managing Director.
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The know-how in terms of material, processing, the use of natural materials, and production in Europe is the secret of the long-lasting quality.

"Our products are not fleeting fads, but luxury basics. Thanks to the high quality and timeless style, they are always up to date - yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Because design and quality classics are sold with a clear conscience to the next generation" says Christiane Braun, Head of Product Management and Design.
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