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Drinking Water: Tips To Drink More Water

Many people find it difficult to drink enough water throughout the day. Water is an important source of energy, which is why you should pay attention to your water consumption and incorporate a drinking routine into your daily routine.
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Not everyone drinks the recommended 3 liters a day, either because they do not feel thirsty or do not pay enough attention and know the benefits of balanced water consumption. You should consume around 30 to 40 ml of water per kilogram of body weight every day. Our body consists of almost 70 percent water only. If we consume too little fluid, dehydration occurs, and blood and human tissue are increasingly deprived of fluid. As a result, the blood thickens and can no longer flow as well through our body. Our mental and physical performance decreases as the supply of oxygen and nutrients to our cells is reduced.

We can prevent this by maintaining a healthy water balance and not having to sacrifice energy. Drinking plenty of water not only helps us to have more energy, but also more beautiful skin, stimulates the metabolism, and can prevent cravings. It is not always easy to drink the healthy amount of water spread over the morning, noon, and evening. However, there are tips and tricks on how to quickly get into a routine and get used to drinking water.

Too much water is not good either! The so-called hyperhydration causes the body to run on the back burner to compensate for the loss of salt.


Advantages of drinking water

  • More energy and concentration: If we drink enough, we are more concentrated. So, better reach for a big glass of water rather than that third cup of coffee
  • Less cravings: Having a big glass of water before every meal or snack helps you eat less. People often confuse feelings of hunger and thirst and eat something instead of drinking
  • Better metabolism: Enough water helps the body optimize metabolic processes and transport more nutrients into the cells -> fatigue and exhaustion can be combated this way
  • More beautiful skin: additional water plumps up the skin from the inside and the complexion appears beautifully plump and rosy instead of sallow.
  • Prevent headaches: Our brain consists of almost 95% water. The main reasons for migraines and headaches are often dehydration. The brain is not optimally supplied with oxygen and water at the slightest lack of fluid, shrinks, and reports pain signals. Before resorting to painkillers, drink some glasses of water.
  • Increased performance during sports activities: Muscles that are well-trained consist of about 75 percent water. If we drink enough, muscles can regenerate quickly, grow and remain efficient.
  • Detoxification of the body: We need enough fluid to flush toxins and waste from the body and help our kidneys and liver do their job

Tip: Logically, if you increase your water consumption, you will need to go to the bathroom more often. However, this will settle down after a while and the body will get used to the amount of fluid. You can judge whether you have drunk enough by the color of your urine - water-clear urine shows that you have taken in enough fluid.


Drinking reminders

  • Drink a large glass of water directly in the morning
  • Drink a large glass of water before and/or with each meal
  • Install an app with push notifications: There are many apps that show you how much water you have drunk and remind you how much water you still need to drink
  • Set up cell phone alarm clock with reminder
  • For the workplace: print out a water checklist and check off the list instead of typing it in on your phone
  • A glass of water on the nightstand if it's still full in the morning drink it in the morning
  • Keep a water bottle or carafe handy
  • Drinking bottles with a timer
  • Always finish glass completely and refill directly with water
  • Beautiful carafes, glasses, or drinking bottles can also encourage people to drink more
  • Straws are also small helpers so that you drink more (best to invest in reusable straws)
  • Start a water challenge or motivate each other to drink more together with friends, family, or colleagues
  • Alternate between hot and cold drinks, e.g. water and unsweetened tea

Increase drinking with infused water

If you like flavored drinks, you don't have to give up drinking water. A healthy alternative to industrial beverages is infused water. Let the ingredients soak in for at least two hours.

Depending on your taste, the following variants or ingredients can help you drink enough:

  • Vitamin and detox water
  • Flavor pastilles without added sugar
  • Fruits like lemons, limes, berries, oranges, grapefruits
  • Fancy with ginger or cucumber
  • Herbs like basil, mint, thyme
  • Homemade iced tea made of black tea, fruit, or green tea with lemon slices, ice cubes, and a little honey if needed

Professional tip: Put lemon or lime juice in an ice cube mold and add to water as needed.




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