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5 Forms of Mental Therapy to Balance Your Life

In the midst of life's challenges, give your mind a break with one of these five centering techniques to adopt a more peaceful life.
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1. Reiki - The magic of touches

Developed by master Mikao Usui, Reiki is a famous treatment in Japan to reduce stress, fatigue, and relax the body in a completely natural way.

Reiki is also referred to as "the art of laying hands to heal," these magical touches are the energies that circulate invisibly in the universe and runs through our bodies, creating a sense of mellow and relaxed. Reiki therapy is an overall process that goes from physical body to emotional body and soul, regardless of religious beliefs.

2. Ayurveda - His own destination

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian method recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Ayurveda has a reputation for improving the daily quality of life of every citizen in no more than 10 minutes a day.

Like Reiki, Ayurveda does not belong to any creed or religion, though it is rooted in the Vedic culture of India and considered the oldest medical science in human history. This is a cure that helps people live a long, healthy life and achieve balance and reduce pain and without drugs or complicated surgery.

Ayurveda is a combination of three factors: Vatta (breath conditioning), Kapha (maintaining cardiac strength), and Pitta (controlling metabolism).

3. Feng Shui (Feng Shui)

Feng shui is a theory that studies how the wind, air, and water flow in space impacts the happiness of one's life. The belief is that everything is energy and that all matter has vibrations Therefore, your house is the vibrating part of that energy, but if the space is not balanced, the energy is off.

If your home has a positive energy flow, you will find your spiritual life pushed in a more optimistic direction. Therefore, feng shui creates a sacred space, nourishing the mind, body, and spirit of each person.

4. KonMari - A story about minimalism

With the lesson "only keeping the things that bring joy in life," the lifestyle blog KonMari spreads the message behind a minimalist lifestyle common among the people of Japan.

KonMari was started by Marie Kondo of Tokyo. Her job is to help others "rearrange life" by decluttering their lives of things that do not bring them joy, a habit that stems from the author's childhood. Her book promoting the same ideas The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up quickly hit the best-seller shelves. Her Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo replicates KonMari's message to audiences around the world.

5. Hygge - The Danish art of life

As a call to enjoy the small things in life, Hygge is the pinnacle of the Danish art of living. Hygge is about finding joy in the small and simple things of life and is used every day by Danes, in schools, offices, and in their own homes.

In a chaotic society, many things can mask meaningful things. Hygge was born to spread mindfulness for everyone, whether they are children or adults, to take comfort in the coziness of your own life.



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