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Swimming in Winter and its Benefits for Health and Beauty

Swimming in a lake or in the sea during the winter has grown in popularity since the start of the pandemic. There is something about it that creates a feeling of happiness and the beautiful scenery brings back positive memories of past summers or childhood. However, when you look at this topic more closely, it appears that swimming in winter has many health benefits as well.
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A tool to stay present in the moment

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Swimming during the winter means the water temperature is cooler. This sudden change forces you to be present at that moment, and your brain automatically focuses on feeling cold. In addition to this, the weightlessness of your body in the water is also something that anchors the mind and body in a state of relaxation and calm.

Good for blood circulation

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The cold temperature of the water allows the heart to pump blood faster and push blood to the surface, increasing circulation in the body and its extremities. It also helps to remove toxins from veins, arteries and capillaries.

It helps the immune system and reduces inflammation

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The amount of white blood cells is increased when the body is in cold water because it has to react to the change in temperature. Over time, this makes the body able to activate defense faster and more effectively.

The body's inflammatory response is reduced in cold water, which means the muscles can recover faster. By swimming regularly, it can also help the body adapt to the cold. Plus, more calories are burned while swimming in cold water because the heart needs to pump blood faster to keep the body warm.

Good for mental strength

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It can be quite intimidating at first to intentionally jump into the water, but once you do and get your body moving it will adjust to the cold. It might be a small act, but it can be very rewarding and give you a sense of accomplishment.

A source of healing for trauma

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For many, swimming in cold water can heal, whether you have an emotional or physical trauma. It can also help reduce stress as the cold stimulates the parasympathetic system which helps the body to repair and rest.

A natural high

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Endorphins are released during physical activity to help us feel good during these activities. Cold temperatures bring the body closer to pain, and endorphins are also released when we are in pain to help us cope with it. Swimming in cold water is the perfect activity for getting extra endorphins!

Make sure you have the right equipment!

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We recommend that you bring things like a hot gourd with a drink, a hot towel, and a change of clothes so that you can warm up quickly after getting out of the water. You can also wear a swimming cap and wetsuit when in the water, depending on your preference. Also remember to know your limits and listen to your body if you are too cold.

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