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Discussing the Latest Trends in Custom Jewelry with Tim Da Jeweler

Custom jewelry is a subset of the fashion industry that is as old as it is unique. On its own, jewelry represents one of the most striking ways to make a personal fashion statement. But with the advent of personal custom jewelry designers like Tim Long Jr., better known as Tim Da Jeweler, custom jewelry has never been more personal, or more innovative.
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The California native has quietly made a name for himself as a creative and talented artist. His designs have taken him from being a budding entrepreneur to one of the most sought-after designers in the Bay Area. And like many other entrepreneurs, Tim Da Jeweler started with a vision, gradually stepping away from his full-time job to pursue what often seemed like just a dream.

“Working for an insurance agency, going in every day…it nearly killed me,” Tim says in a recent interview. “My dream was doing something I actually loved, and this dream became a reality in 2015 when I started designing and selling earrings on eBay as a hobby.”

Since the inception of TSV Jewelers, Tim Da Jeweler has become a prominent designer, whose personal touch and eye for detail mark him out as a pioneer. He works with pendants, earrings, watches, rings, and chains. He rarely sticks with what may be considered safe industry standards, choosing instead to experiment with his designs. “I want to display my artistic side more as I have a lot of out-of-the-box ideas.” His artistry is essential to creating unique pieces, which in turn increase their diversity and consequently, his clientele.

Superior craftsmanship and excellent customer service are standards he simply refuses to compromise. At the end of the day, however, Tim’s goal is to create something for every client, regardless of their budget.

Therein lies the secret of Tim Da Jeweler’s success—his understanding that nothing beats customer satisfaction. And so, a big part of the job entails building lasting relationships with his clients.


“The client is the heart and soul of my work. I was once on the other side of that glass, so I understand what they want when they are buying jewelry. Sometimes, they want to look a certain way even when they can’t afford it. I want to give them something true to who they are as a person, something that captures their personal style while also blowing their minds.”

Tim De Jeweler is already a recognizable name in the competitive jewelry industry, and his TSV Jewelers is the crème of the crop when it comes to custom jewelry. Even so, the man behind the bling is not content to sit on his laurels. Embracing technology is just one of the ways he plans to broaden his reach; his company is now virtual. More than that, Tim is committed to continuing to learn and grow himself.

“I try to stay ten steps ahead. I am a constant serial thinker and come up with ideas on how to improve my business daily. It is an honor to be one of the few black jewelers on the scene; it is important to increase my visibility, so others know it is possible.”

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