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Interview with Zulu Ghevriya, CEO and Founder of Smiling Rocks

Zulu Ghevriya is the co-founder of Smiling Rocks, which goal is it to do more than simply provide lab-grown diamond jewelry. A game changer in the jewellery business and a lover of luxury, Zulu Ghevriya’s mind is as multi-facetted as a prism of colours. Smiling Rocks provides socially responsible jewelry that serves a greater purpose, that has made waves in the fashion scene. The core of the diamond and jewelry brand is to bring the luxury diamond jewelry through sustainable and environmentally conscious methods. Discover the difference that sustainable, lab-grown diamond jewelry can make in the world while maintaining the luxury and joy of precious jewelry. In this interview Zulu Ghevriya reveals his experiences about jewellery industry, it latest trends, lab-grown diamonds and much more.
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