Alecksandro Rizzo Talks About His Upcoming Reality Show

How to find the perfect vessel to showcase all of one’s talents is a question that’s on the mind of many an influencers, artists, and performers looking to reach new levels of recognition. There certainly seems to be no shortage of talented people trying to find their places in the limelight any way they can.
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But if influencers, artists, and performers are itching to inhabit a space where they can practice their skills in public, does it mean that someone who’s all three at the same time is having an especially difficult time dealing with the drive to get in front of audiences? Alecksandro Rizzo is the perfect person to ask.

Alecksandro has experience in multiple branches, including television work, work as a dancer, and the work he’s doing as an Instagram influencer and entrepreneur. As of lately, he has been turning his attention to another frontier that should expand his opportunities for self-expression.

Alecksandro is in talks about possibly joining Big Brother.

It’s all still hush-hush, and nothing is yet set in stone. Still, the television artist-turned-dancer-turned-host-turned-Instagram influencer believes he would be the perfect match for it. It would be just what he needs, too.

“I have a very strong personality,” Alecksandro Rizzo says. “I am a very communicative person, and I try to convey all of this to the public that follows me.”

This is the way he approaches Instagram, to great success. Instagram is a social network where displaying one’s personality is usually done indirectly, through choices regarding image and affiliations. While Alecksandro has mastered this—he wouldn’t have 1.5 million followers if he hadn’t—the opportunities offered by joining a television program are so much broader.

“I could show all the sides of my character,” says Alecksandro. “People would get the opportunity to know me not only through Instagram but also in a house by looking at me 24 hours a day.” He believes this would increase the viewers’ interest in him. “They could become more passionate about me, appreciate my qualities, and support me more and more.”

While this certainly looks like a great opportunity for Alecksandro Rizzo to exercise some muscles he doesn’t get to use too often in his Instagram career, it’s hard to say that he’s in dire need of a new venue to rise to fame. His Instagram account has 1.5 million followers who respect and trust him. Brands have recognized him for the value he brings, too, which is why he’s been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest brands of today. While the world waits for his reality show plans to see fruition, his Instagram account and the associated fame are worthy of envy and attention.

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