Ali Haseeb On Minimalism And Finding Meaning Through Experiences

Our lives today are built around technology - from phones to Fitbits - we are constantly plugged into our devices. The concept of living a life of minimalism and seeking experiences beyond our digital possessions is hard to imagine. Branding expert and co-founder of Principles Creative Studio, Ali Haseeb, believes that a life of minimalism is possible. He expands on this view below.
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Ali Haseeb once lived a life of 60-70 hour work weeks, dedicated to the day-to-day toil of working for a paycheck. He shares that it was during this time that he realized there was more to life than merely working for a wage without feeling any fulfillment. Haseeb explains that striving to live a more meaningful life that could help him feel content at the end of the day led him to embrace minimalism.

As much as technology has aided us, Haseeb believes it also hinders us by keeping us from fully living our lives in the real world. He feels that being able to unplug and step away from the devices that we are constantly surrounded by will help us find greater meaning in our lives. Expanding on this, Haseeb says, “Technology is a boon and a bane. It allows us to stay connected without actually connecting. Taking time to step back from our devices and experiencing the world around us is the path to living a meaningful life.”

Ali Haseeb co-founded digital branding agency Principles Creative Studio, LLC with Shawn Virani. Since its conception, the agency has been helping brands to scale and expand while strengthening their presence online. Haseeb is also currently on the board of the Millionaire Mentorship program, an app that provides young aspiring entrepreneurs access to the wisdom of successful millionaires. Finding space to have real and meaningful experiences within our digital world is challenging, but Ali Haseeb believes it is both possible and rewarding.

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