Harry Styles Defeating Toxic Masculinity And Leaving His Stigma In The Fashion Industry

Harry Styles is making history in the fashion world, styling “feminine’’ clothing, and appearing in the most prominent magazines. Transferring his freedom of expression has become one of his primary goals, and here is how he is achieving it.
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He is known for his excessive talent in the music industry, being a former boy band star, and now for defeating gender norms in fashion. Harry Styles is not only a musical idol but a styling icon as well. It looks like his last name is not that coincidental after all. His unconventional fashion taste, which is characterized by gender fluidity, has inspired thousands of people worldwide both fashionably and socially. His strong opinions in terms of toxic masculinity and its impact on the way society works are well known globally. And recently, Harry Styles became even louder through his look on the cover of the Vogue November issue, in which he chose to portray himself with a “female” dress that extracted a plethora of comments, both positive and negative.

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It is a fact that Harry Styles is currently peeking in his career with nominations for the Grammy Awards of 2021. A person having this much influence is crucial. That conveys the right message to the world, and in that case, Harry is making all the right moves. We all knew from the beginning that Harry Styles was in for significant social changes. In the world of 2020, his personal style with influence from past decades as well as him incorporating personal touches of feminine elements such as painted nails, pearls, skirts, and collars, reflects how confident should men be expressing their fashion sense without having to be judged for not being “manly” enough, and not meeting the toxic gender standards that society pushes both men and women to follow.

Harry Styles is making a statement that people should be able to wear whatever they wish, without having to fear what others think of them or having to state and show their sexual orientation through clothing. Harry teaches us that life is too short of criticizing a person’s choices and personal information without even knowing them, just by their fashion sense, and we thank him for that.

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