Hassan Mahmood Explains the Challenges of Expanding a Family-Owned Business

It isn’t easy running a business in such troubled times. There are a lot of insecurities and problems that one has to face to succeed. Matters aren’t helped when the business one owns is a family business. Hassan Mahmood is the owner of a family retail business and he talks about the challenges of expanding a family-owned business.
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Hassan, an entrepreneur, is well-known for his extensive experience in managing several companies. Hassan Mahmood, who is currently in charge of his family's company, is more than just a family member carrying on the tradition. Rather, he is one of his family's most accomplished entrepreneurs! “My family has been in the retail business for nearly 40 years. So, when the baton was passed to me, I had to work very hard to live up to the reputation established by my father and his father before him. Fortunately, I have succeeded in my task. Now, I will pass on the baton and the responsibility to a worthy successor,” said Hassan.

Hassan was the first in the family to consider expanding the business. Today, he owns multiple businesses and is quite well-to-do. But things weren’t that easy to begin with. “You have to work for 12 to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week to get to the top. “You need a strategy in place or the challenges just get harder and harder. I planned ahead but still had to deal with several issues on the spot. Fortunately, I was able to do so without too much hassle,” said Hassan.

Learning from your mistakes is what makes you a good entrepreneur. You have to be willing to give it your all if you want to stand a chance of succeeding. Hassan is an exemplary entrepreneur who shows how confidence can get you anywhere.

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