Jackson Lintz: One of the Most Recognizable Faces on Social Media

If you’ve spent any time on social media at all, especially within the last couple of years, you’ll most likely recognize the HighKey brand. What began as an eCommerce store has quickly expanded into the social media, press, and marketing industries. Through creating HighKey Clout, HighKey Agency, HighKey Real Estate, HighKey Technology, and more, Jordan and Luke Lintz built a multi-million dollar company.
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Jordan and Luke’s youngest and only other brother, Jackson Lintz, joined his siblings in building the HighKey brand and started working on his own ventures. Jackson isn’t even in his 20’s yet, but he’s already a partner in most of the HighKey companies.

Jackson has many daily tasks for HighKey, but he mainly manages the website workflow for HighKey Agency. He’s put together a team that creates personalized sites for clients looking to up their brand’s value. Each website has a unique design that fits the client’s tastes and comes with SEO built-in (proper search engine optimization setup), allowing the site to appear higher in Google searches.

Jackson’s vast knowledge of computers and programming goes back to his high school days, where he excelled in his computer science class. Before he decided to partner with his brothers on HighKey, he almost pursued a career in programming. “I know I made the right career choice since I’m still doing something I love in my work,” says Jackson.

HighKey is an ever-growing brand and company, with a handful of new businesses that launched last year. With the final Lintz brother joining the equation, there’s no telling what’s in store for the brothers in 2021.

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