Katherine Estrella: When You Love Your Profession, it Doesn’t Feel Like Work

No matter what path you follow, you will sooner rather than later get tired of it if you don't like it. Every profession has many setbacks, and to tide through these obstacles, you need to love what you're doing enough to get through these challenging times.
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Katherine Estrella, Instagram Star, and model emphasizes the importance of loving your profession. The biggest issue with working a 9 to 5 job is the time and financial restrictions. Those who love their jobs enjoy waking up every morning to start a new workday. According to Estrella, when picking a career path, especially in self-employment, you must choose something you enjoy doing.

Given her firm conviction on the matter, it is no surprise that Estrella followed her passion into the modeling world, which has opened up her career to now include being an Instagram star. Born in the Dominican Republic, Estrella moved to the USA with her dad at the age of 14. From early on, she knew she wanted to become a model and one of the world's most successful ones. Therefore, when she hit 17, she left home and began her steep climb up in the modeling industry.

Being something she loves to do and something she has wanted to do for the better part of her life, she quickly became not just good but one of the most sought-after models. She dabbled in dancing at one of the popular NYC clubs, which helped her transition to appear in music videos. She has been in music videos for stars such as French Montana in his video for 'White Dress.'

Having achieved success in the modeling world, and social media being a mouthpiece for most stars today, she naturally joined the scene and has risen to the top with over 2.5 million followers. She has a platform that allows her to market herself, her skills and inspire her audience.

Estrella hopes that all her followers are able to follow their dreams and achieve success. Having walked a path that she loves, she recommends that everyone enter into a profession they love as it becomes your lifestyle and less like work.

Estrella chose to model because it is a profession she loves. The compensation is a pretty bonus, and the notoriety an opportunity to grow and explore more paths in life. It all begins with choosing what you love and going after it; it is much easier to succeed when you love your profession.

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