Nathalie Nicole Smith's on her Efforts of Giving Back to the Community

Beauty isn’t skin deep, and neither is the beauty industry which has seen the rise of entrepreneurs who see the profitability beneath the surface of the world of beauty. Nathalie Nicole Smith is an entrepreneur who found a way to use her success within that industry to give back to the community.
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Smith shares that she is proud of all of her accolades, from author to business owner and mentor, but that her true fulfillment comes from the ways she has found to help the community around her and beyond. For the last 12 years, Smith has provided mentoring and tutoring to youth in the DC area as well as expanding her reach across the country by offering consulting services to those who need it. Smith established herself as an empowering force when she founded Women Who Boss, an organization that aims to inspire women to strive for success within the world of business. Speaking of why she finds it so important to give back to her community, Smith says, “Everything that we do has a ripple effect, and I aim for every ripple that I create to build into a wave of positivity.”

Smith launched the online eco-beauty company Plush Beauty in 2011 and successfully expanded the brand while also pursuing a career as an author that saw her pen the book Becoming A Brand, which aimed to help others emulate her success. Her entrepreneurial endeavors saw her name grace Top 30 Under 30 lists, and in 2015, she followed her desire to give back to others by partnering with the healthy living company Total Life Changes.

Nathalie Nicole Smith is ready to empower others and show them the power that they hold beneath their surface.

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