Robby Clark: Procrastination Is a Dream Killer. Here's What You Can Do About It!

Robby Clark is the founder and CEO of SID Developments, a real estate company that strives to add value to underperforming communities across Ontario. In addition to SID Developments, Robby also runs eFresh Meals, a meal prep company, and Lawn Care Alert, a landscaping company.
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Recently, Robby posted an interesting photo on his Instagram. He captioned it, ‘Procrastination is a dream killer.’ "Nothing gets done when you procrastinate. Plan ahead and get the work done," Robby explains.

How to Tackle Procrastination

People often tend to confuse procrastination with laziness. Laziness can be defined as inactivity and an unwillingness to act. On the other hand, procrastination is an active process during which people choose to do something else instead of the task they should be doing. Most often, procrastination takes place when people have to finish an important task. Instead, they do something more enjoyable or easier to complete. However, giving in to this impulse can have serious consequences. As Robby says, procrastination can kill someone’s dreams, as it often results in reduced productivity and failure to achieve goals. The great news is that procrastination is often considered a bad habit. And, as with most other habits, it is possible to overcome it.

1. Recognize That You're Procrastinating

"If you put off a task because you have to re-prioritize your workload, then you're not procrastinating. However, if you start to put things off indefinitely, then you have a problem," Robby explains.

Robby Clark believes that the first step to eliminating procrastination is recognizing it first. "If you notice that you tend to start a task and then you trail off without a conclusion, you fill your day with meaningless tasks, then it is quite likely that you are suffering from procrastination," he says.

2. Figure Out Why You're Procrastinating

"Once you recognize that you have a problem, figure out its root cause," Robby says. Some people avoid specific tasks because they are boring. Others avoid committing to a task because they are worried they don't have the necessary skills to complete it. "Search for the reason why you're constantly delaying that task and then come up with a strategy for how to conquer it," Robby advises.

3. Adopt Anti-Procrastination Strategies

Procrastination is a habit and can be fixed quickly. Some strategies have proven to help tackle procrastination. According to Robby, an excellent way to get started is to minimize distractions and fully commit to the task. Some people find it easier when they specify a time in their planners for that particular task.

Even when adopting this strategy, it is possible to lose motivation. To stay motivated, Robby suggests remembering how you feel when you complete things or leave them. "If you know your day was unproductive, you’re not going to feel great. Accomplishing tasks that drive yourself or company forward will lift your mood" Robby says.

Please remember that Robby Clark is not a financial advisor and invest at your own risk.


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