Interview with Joanna Borov

Polish model from Los Angeles Joanna Borov gave an exclusive interview to L'Officiel Cyprus. During her career, the beauty participated in advertising campaigns for several brands and glowed at fashion weeks in London, Los Angeles, New York and Paris. In 2020, Joanna graced the cover of the Ukrainian Playboy and was featured on the pages of other fashion magazines. Today she graces the digital cover of L'Officiel Cyprus.
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Joanna, you first emigrated to the UK from Poland. How is the UK different from Poland, and what were your first impressions?

London is a beautiful and vibrant city! It is very international, full of opportunities and let's not forget it's one of the most important cities in fashion. I've always been passionate about outfits, designers, and the whole industry. I moved to London to study fashion management at the University of the Arts London. It was a  great decision, and I've learned a lot! That's also when I started working as a model, first part-time, and then it became a full-time career. 

You run a healthy living blog; tell us about this and why you started it.

Being a model requires a good figure, and it's challenging to maintain. I had to discover some diet tricks and superfoods that not only don't make me put on weight but also help with hair growth and glowing skin. I'm happy to share my tips with other women that look for similar results.

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You participated in many fashion weeks all around the world. Which is your favourite and why?

It's a tricky question! I love them all, and all of them are very different. Probably my favourite was Paris Fashion Week because of its elegance and prestige. I also loved New York Fashion Week. I enjoyed Miami Swim Week as it was completely different and fun!

What is the one fashion item that you cannot live without?

I love some classic and timeless items that go with everything, like a little black dress, a Chanel flap bag, and a Balmain jacket. I'm also crazy about high heels!

You work on projects for adopting homeless animals - how did this come about, and why is this your passion project?

I love animals, and it breaks my heart to read about abused or abandoned animals with miserable lives. I feel a deep connection with animals. I had the pleasure to work with animals on different photo sessions and even fashion shows,s and I can surely say those were amazing co-workers! I like to use my influence and help animals. One of my biggest dreams is to adopt more dogs- for now, I have one small chihuahua that was abandoned during Covid.

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Model: Joanna Borov

Photographer: Belva Chan

PR Agency: SGG Public Relations

Retoucher: Yana Kazarovets

Videographer: Davis Jeongotti

Hair and makeup: Reyna Khalil

Designer: Anna Gupta

Jewellery: Charlie Lapson

Location: PinkTree Studios

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