Everything You Want To Know About Bag Trends For 2021

If you want to step into 2021 with your brand-new luxury bag, here are all the trends that you should know. We suggest from large tote to small shoulder bags, shiny chains, and candy colours. Runway shows and Instagram scrolling inspire us to show you the hottest handbags of the season.
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It may look like a blanket, but it holds all your stuff. As 2020 can be defined as the year of cozy, furry bags are a trend that we are definitely not ready to let go for 2021.


As Coco Chanel said, "simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" a long-lasting, classic minimalistic bag is worth the investment. Minimal bags can elevate your everyday look and can combine with many other pieces.


Vintage bags are not only stylish and timeless, but they offer excellent quality too. Because they're not available in stores anymore, you have to look for them in second-hand stores or online. As time goes by, they become more valuable, making them unique and a good investment.


Chained bags have been having a significant moment for quite some time now. Even with the most casual look, a shiny chain can turn it into a luxe outfit.

Necklace bag

In this trend, you can consider the bag not only as an accessory but as jewelry too. It may not store much, but your phone will be in your hands taking selfies anyway.

Folder bag

It's not the classic boring folder bag you carry at work, but it's a new version you can wear all day long. This flat handbag is a slick piece that can make your outfit more sophisticated.

Candy colours

If you need a pop of colour in your outfit, a candy colour bag is an ideal choice. As we have seen in runways, designers gave us plenty of pieces to pick.

Mini shoulder bag

There is a reason why we can't get enough of mini shoulder bags. The latest '90s trend made a comeback last year and will continue for sure this year.

Circular structure bag

In this trend, the design stands out on its own. A circular design is an eye-catching piece that advances your outfit in a more stylish look.


It may be ironic that massive oversized bags suggested for travel are a big trend for 2021 as we are stuck at home. Large bags in different textures, colours, and shapes are the ultimate trend for this year.

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