A New Collection Of The French Perfume House Bybozo Paris

Choosing one distinctive fragrance is a little like picking a favourite kid, especially for those who relish olfactory pleasure. Now, the trend is toward having a perfume collection filled with aromas as unique as one's spirits and moods.
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Imagine if you had only one genuinely spectacular dress-up outfit to last a lifetime. Although it might fit you perfectly, you would be still likely to change it. Fragrances are a lot like suitable clothing. Your current mood greatly influences your choice of outfit and perfume. That is why you may find that having one great scent doesn't cut it. You don't own a single set of shoes; you don't have just one jacket for every occasion; why would you have just one fragrance for every one of life's moments? By building a fragrance collection, you may find the perfect scent to accompany you through the many various moments of your life. This idea is a fundamental principle of the French perfume house Bybozo Paris which provides an entire collection to change scents as one might change their mood.

The principle of "Bybozo Paris" is to have the whole collection, changing and combining fragrances, like outfits and moods, finding unique shades.


French niche perfume brand Bybozo Paris was founded by Hamoudi Khalil in 2020. Bozo is a large, close-knit family with Syrian roots where Hamoudi was born and raised. Passionate about art and the world of fashion, Hamoudi embodies a tribute to his family and becomes the ideological inspirer of a new perfume house. He even named the brand Bybozo after his grandfather, Fatah Bozo. 

Hamoudi Khalil has to realise his dreams and has created his first capsule collection in collaboration with French perfumer Paul Emilien which includes 15 one-of-a-kind fragrances. All scents are made with the greatest possible amount of natural ingredients. Each fragrance is unisex, envelops with its aura, paints a beautiful picture and opens the lyrical world of adventure, love, and joy. When creating the collection, the founder recalls his vivid childhood in the mountains of the South of France; these are vast fields of flowers, and this is the energy of movement and the pursuit of knowledge. The beauty of nature, the warmth of home, and character traits are worth admiring. All this Hamoudi embodied in his first collection.

"Feel the fragrance of your uniqueness!" (Bybozo Paris, 2020)

The exceptional fragrance collection Bybozo Paris creates individuality and emphasises uniqueness. Building your scent wardrobe with Bybozo Paris enables you to branch out a little to give you more versatility for different occasions and highlight your uniqueness. 

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