Five Ways to Keep Your Eye Makeup From Melting in Hot Weather

Teviant Founder and Celebrity Makeup Artist Albert Kurniawan Shares His Secret for a Long-Lasting Makeup
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We all know sweat and makeup just don't mix, especially if you're someone who just can't live without a good eye makeup moment. To help you beat the heat, especially living in this part of the world, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Teviant Beauty, Albert Kurniawan, listed top five important tips and tricks to make one's eye makeup last throughout the day.


Start with a clean face

Skin prep is key. Always start with clean skin by washing your face with a gentle, oil-control facial wash. A good facial cleanser removes excess dirt and soothes your skin without stripping its natural oils. It is important to pay attention to ingredients when selecting skincare products.

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Never skip primer

No matter what the season, the struggle of making a good eyeshadow look last is real. Invest in an eyeshadow primer to create an even out base for the eyelids. Not only it will seal your eyeshadow by preventing creasing and smudging throughout the day, but it will intensify your eye makeup look as well—a bang for the buck!


A good eyeshadow formulation goes a long way

Pigmentation isn't everything especially if it blends badly. When it comes to eyeshadow, make it a point to use one with great overall formula. Teviant's Amore Eye Shadow Palette has soft, earth-toned shades that are suitable for all skin types. Formulated with only the finest ingredients in Italy, Teviant’s Amore Eye Shadow Palette has a silky texture that easily glides on, blends effortlessly, and finishes naturally. 


Use a waterproof eyeliner

Forget about mid-day panda eyes. With the right eyeliner, your eye makeup look should stand up to sweat and humidity. Teviant's Liquid EyeLiner Pen is waterproof, quick-dry, and formulated to withstand long hours in tropical weather. Bonus: the brush tip makes the application easy to use with just the right precision.

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Cotton buds

The on-the-go solution to clear away eye makeup gunk and residues. Gently wipe out the top of the smudge with a damp cotton bud rather rubbing it with a napkin—which could cause excessive dryness. For eye makeup touch-ups, dip the tip of the cotton bud with a small amount of concealer or your preferred eyeshadow, and apply! 


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