The most popular celebrity brands you need to know

Whether actor, model or singer. Many celebrities set up their own brands as a side hustle. But not all of them are really necessary. We show you 13 popular brands, launched by celebrities, that are definitely worth trying out.
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It almost seems to be a trend for celebrities to start their own beauty, fashion or lifestyle brands. Especially make-up and skincare brands are owned by countless celebrities as a second business. This is not surprising in the age of social media. Celebrities are seen as beauty and fashion inspirations anyway and reach millions of enthusiastic fans every day. Many models, actors, singers and influencers extend their careers to their own brand. So nowadays it's not easy to develop something new and really meaningful. Between many flops and brands that are only short-lived, however, there are always celebrities who have done everything right in developing their business. That's why we show you 13 beauty and fashion brands owned by successful celebrity women that have the potential to last forever and that you should try at least once.

1. Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

American actress and singer Selena Gomez founded her make-up brand "Rare Beauty" in 2020. The 29-year-old started her acting career as a child and had a lot to do with make-up artists back then. Her interest in Make-up was fuelled early on and beauty products became a passion for her. She worked on her brand Rare Beauty for several years and was involved in the development and conception of all products from the very beginning. With Rare Beauty, make-up should be used to strengthen and appreciate the uniqueness and special features of an individual. It is not about being perfect, but about feeling good and simply being yourself. Selena wants to move away from unrealistic beauty standards and low self-esteem. The name "Rare" is not only derived from the individual, but is also the title of her third album, which was also released in 2020 and went straight into the charts.

In addition, Selena also wants to create awareness and attention for mental health with Rare Beauty. She has struggled with mental health issues and therefore knows how difficult and scary they are. Selena openly shared her depression and bipolar disorder on social media. With the help of the "Rare Impact Fund", which Selena founded in addition to her make-up brand, she wants to improve access to health care for people with mental illness. Gaps in the health care system should be filled and access to therapeutic help is to be facilitated. One percent of every sale of Rare Beauty products goes to this foundation. The goal of the "Rare Impact Fund" is to raise and donate 100 million USD in the next 10 years.

In the Rare Beauty range, you'll find everything you need from primer onwards. Foundation and concealer are available in 32 different shades and are therefore compatible with all skin colours. Then there are various make-up products for the face, lips, eyes and eyebrows as well as some beauty tools. The best-sellers include the "4-In-1 Face Mist" and the "Liquid Blush", which is also available in different colours.

2. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Singer Rihanna is a true icon. So is her beauty brand "Fenty Beauty". The name comes from her surname, which probably only a few people knew before, Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Already as a child in Barbados, she grew interested in make-up, which she knew from her mother. In the course of her career, she repeatedly had to deal with professionals in the make-up industry but found a few things wrong with them. In 2017, she founded her make-up brand Fenty Beauty. In the process, the brand was named one of “Time Magazine's 25 Best Inventions of 2017” that same year.

Rihanna's vision was to include everyone with her make-up brand, especially those with darker skin tones. For her, there weren't enough suitable choices for People of Colour, which is why Fenty Beauty focuses on product variety for a wide range of skin tones. Fenty Beauty's foundation comes in 50 different shades. This achieved a game changer in the beauty industry in 2017 and many other brands followed their lead to offer a better selection for darker skin tones. Fenty Beauty's products are meant to inspire to have fun with make-up and not combine it with personal pressure.

Fenty Beauty now offers a wide range of beauty products and make-up tools. Everything you need for a successful face make-up. Besides the large selection of shades, the "Match Stix" are especially popular. These guarantee easy application of concealer, highlighter and contour. Fenty Beauty is known for the high quality and colour intensity of its products. Anyone who has ever used a highlighter from Fenty Beauty knows that it is better to use it sparingly. Equally popular is the "Body Luminizer", with which you can achieve the beautiful effect of the highlighter on the arms and décolleté. As an extension of Fenty Beauty, there is also "Fenty Skin". There are skincare products for face and body, which are also vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally conscious.

3. Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner founded her beauty brand "Kylie Cosmetics" back in 2015. The enormous success of the brand made her the youngest self-made billionaire in the world at the age of only 20. Due to her worldwide fame, the Kardashian sisters and her 345 million Instagram followers, the coveted beauty products always sell out quickly. Especially limited editions and the much sought-after "lip kits" were initially sold out within seconds. The pink Barbie glam of the packaging goes down well with her fans. Kylie Cosmetics' products are vegan and without parabens or gluten and are produced without animal testing.

The "Lip Kits" from Kylie Cosmetics, which were mentioned earlier, have been particularly popular from the beginning. They offer a huge selection of lip glosses and lipsticks from matte to glitter in a wide range of colours. These are also always available with a matching lip liner. Kylie Cosmetics is also known for its constantly new "Limited Editions". There are always new make-up sets for various occasions, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day or Halloween. The make-up pallettes are also available in cooperation with sister Kendall Jenner. The product range includes everything for a full-face make-up look, from products to beauty tools. The successful Kylie Cosmetics brand has been expanded to include "Kylie Skin", which offers a wide range of skincare products. The 24-year-old launched "Kylie Baby" after the birth of her daughter Stormi. Here, too, there are skin care and bath products especially for children.

4. Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba founded "Honest Beauty" back in 2011, but the brand has only been hyped for a few years. Her skincare and make-up brand is strongly committed to the environment and offers safe ingredients and full transparency for its customers. All products are cruelty-free and some are even vegan. Many products are specially labelled as dermatologically tested. Information about ingredients and production are particularly important at Honest Beauty. Customers should know exactly what is contained in the products. Only skin-friendly and natural substances are used, as well as environmentally friendly production and packaging. In addition, Honest Beauty supports charitable causes and, for example, donates hygiene products to families in need or has rubbish removed from the beach. With her brand, the 41-year-old wants to make a contribution to our planet and leave the world a little better off.

Behind Honest Beauty there is also the actual brand "Honest". This was founded by Jessica Alba to make everyday products safe and sustainable. These include products for babies, clothing and cleaning materials. Honest Beauty is of course about skincare and make-up. The best sellers include the mascara in a double pack with the lash primer as well as the "Hydrogel Cream", a moisturising cream for the face. A recommendation from Honest Beauty is the "Invisible Blurring Loose Powder". The powder is made of rice starch and helps against shine without grease and leaves a soft effect. On the website you can also find a "No-Make-up" make-up kit for a particularly natural and no-make-up look as well as a make-up "Starter-Kit" for beginners with 6 favourite products by Jessica Alba. Otherwise, there is no lack of make-up products to create a perfect look with Honest Beauty's natural cosmetics.

5. About Face Beauty by Halsey

US electro-pop singer Ashley Frangipane, better known as Halsey, founded her make-up brand "About Face" in 2021. The entire company is vegan and animal-free. True to the motto that there are no rules, the make-up at About Face is colourful and gaudy to achieve expressive looks. About Face offers highly pigmented colours that last. Make-up with integration and intention is the brand's guiding principle. Halsey is particularly inspired by the LGBTQIA+ community and wants her brand to reach out to all people. The make-up is meant to ignite creativity in one and serve to have fun. Not only does the 27-year-old want to design her make-up so that everyone can identify with it, she also wants to make it accessible to everyone. Self-expression through make-up shouldn't be expensive, which is why About Face has permanently reduced prices on all products since April.

Best-sellers include the colourful and waterproof gel eyeliners of the new "Eye F*cking" Collection and the "Matte Fluid Eye Paints". These are available in bright colours. The packaging is reminiscent of a highlighter, which doesn't seem so far-fetched in relation to the colours. The Highlighters also offer very intense colours. The "Shimmer Sticks" are glittering, creamy highlighters that have been mixed with olive oil. This is particularly beneficial for dry skin and also makes it easier to use. The fact that the highlighter comes in a stick also allows for better control when applying it.

The "Matte Fix Spray" is just as special. This fixing spray also contains aloe vera and therefore has an antibacterial effect. Thanks to its 2-in-1 function, it can be used under make-up as a skin protector and over make-up as a fixative. Other products include colourful mascaras and mattes as well as glittery “lip colours”.

6. Florence by Mills by Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown, the 18-year-old actress known from the Netflix series "Stranger Things", founded her own make-up and skincare brand "Florence" in 2019. The name comes from her grandmother Florence, who taught her that beauty comes with self-love and self-realization. Millie has always had a lot to do with make-up on set and then drew inspiration from international celebrities such as Rihanna and Selena Gomez to create her own make-up brand. Florence's make-up is meant to make you happy and is not perfection-oriented. The brand is PETA-certified, vegan, animal-test-free and without harmful ingredients. In addition, the Florence brand donates to the "Olivia Hope Foundation", which researches cures for childhood cancer.

The products at Florence are specially made for young people and the main target group is clearly Generation Z. The products come in a pastel-coloured design. The "Hydrating Serum" and the "Under Eye Gel Pads" are particularly popular. One of the newer products is the "Coffee Glow Mask". This can be used either as a hydrating mask or face scrub and is made from coffee bean oil. The make-up products are kept rather simple, neutral and warm colours adorn the product range. The "Tinted Lip Sticks", which are available in various pink and orange colours, are the best-sellers. On the website you can also find a hair mask and some beauty sets.

7. Cay Skin by Winnie Harlow

Supermodel Winnie Harlow founded her sunscreen brand "Cay Skin" in 2022 after suffering a severe sunburn during a photo shoot in 2018, which damaged her skin for a long time. The 27-year-old is known not only for her modelling career, but also for her skin condition vitiligo, which causes bright, symmetrical pigment spots in her dark skin. With her great success in the modelling business, she brought change and showed that even with her skin condition she can become one of the most successful models of all time. She embodies self-acceptance and inclusivity, which she also reflects in her sunscreen brand. She was also recently named "30 Under 30 by Forbes”.

Cay Skin is silicone-free, vegan, cruelty-free and reef-friendly, which means there are no ingredients harmful to coral reefs. In addition, Cay Skin is carbon-neutral and the packaging is made from recycled materials. The sunscreen is light on the skin and dermatologically tested. It is made from skin care ingredients and island-based ingredients, such as seaweed or persimmon butter. Cay Skin aims to create sustainable and skin-friendly sunscreen to keep all skin types protected and glowing all year round. In doing so, the brand is made for everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin while staying protected.

The range includes classic sun cream as "Glow Body Lotion" with SPF 45 and "Body Oil" with SPF 30. Then there is sun protection for the face, a "Glow Face Lotion" with SPF 45. The "Lip Balm" with integrated SPF 30 is special. The products can be bought individually or as a bundle.

8. Squish Beauty by Charlie Howard

Charlotte Howard is a British plus-size model and author. She is a body activist who strongly advocates body positivity and diversity in the fashion industry. In 2019, the 31-year-old founded her skincare brand "Squish". Never really satisfied with skincare and moisturizers herself, she created a moisturizing brand all her own. It is supposed to be especially helpful for dry skin and skin problems, as the model herself used to suffer from severe acne. The brand, which is still small, looks cheeky, kitschy and sweet. It is important for Charli to show models of all body sizes, skin colours and ethnicities in her campaigns, as her brand is intended for everyone. Skin should also be shown as it really is. Pimples, scars, cellulite, or wrinkles shouldn’t be covered. She wants to show that everyone can be sexy and celebrates this with her skincare brand.

All products are cruelty-free and free of parabens, sulphates, petroleum and perfume and are therefore also suitable for very sensitive skin. So far, Squish has four different products on offer. Among them are the "Cheeky Cherry Eye & Cheek Masks". Cherry-shaped eye patches that are not only cute, but also infused with hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration and collagen for replenishment. Another highlight of the product range are the "Flower Power Acne Patches". To get rid of pimples quickly, these patches are designed with a flower look. Normally, people are used that pimple patches blend in with the skin and are not visible. The Flower Patches by Squish make imperfections look cute, reduce swelling and redness and moisturize.

The "Jelly Lip Gloss" is a true multi-talent. It can be used not only for the lips, but also for the eyelids or as a cheek highlight. Of course, Squish Beauty cannot do without a moisturizer. The "Squish Smoosh" Moisturizer has jojoba and linseed oil in it and doesn’t clog the pores. On the website you can also find merchandise in the form of a T-shirt and a necklace with the brand logo.

9. Addison Rae Fragrance by Addison Rae

21-year-old Addison Rae became famous through the platform TikTok. She was already talented as a dancer and made her breakthrough as an influencer through social media. She is also a singer and actress. In 2021, she founded her eponymous perfume brand "Addison Rae Fragrance". However, she does not want to produce classic perfumes, but mood-enhancing fragrances for mental well-being. All fragrances are water-based, alcohol-free, vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free. They are therefore also well tolerated by very sensitive skin, as they also moisturize the skin. The fragrances should not only be optimal for the skin, but also for the environment. 

At the moment there are three different mood fragrances. The "AF" Collection consists of the fragrances "Hyped AF", "Chill AF" and "Happy AF", which are supposed to describe the resulting mood. "Hyped AF" consists of a citrus blend of mandarin, blood orange and pomelo. "Chill AF" smells of chamomile and sandalwood and "Happy AF" is fruity with grapefruit and floral with peony and violet. The special thing about the packaging of the fragrances is their sensitivity to heat. This means that the scent bottles change colour when touched. With "Hyped AF" the colour changes from orange to yellow, with "Chill AF" from violet to dark blue and with "Happy AF" between the colours violet blue and pink.

10. Inamorata Woman by Emily Ratajkowski

Emily O'Hara Ratajkowski is not only a model but also a writer and actress. The model often makes headlines because of her defined abs and slim stature, for which she has had to justify herself again and again. In 2017, she founded her own swimwear brand "Inamorata". However, she already lived out her bikini lifestyle before that, so she wore more bikinis than real clothes. Hardly surprising when you live in LA. But the bikinis are designed in NYC. For Inamorata, the 31-year-old was inspired by "Sports Illustrated" covers from the 70s and 80s. That's why you'll mainly find high-waisted bikinis, cut-outs and cheeky bikini bottoms at Inamorata. The styles are sexy, feminine and available in countless different fabrics, colours and patterns.

On the Inamorata website you will not only find bikini tops, swim trunks and swimming costumes, but also everything else you need for a successful beach look. Skimpy tops, skirts, dresses and trousers, of course always matching the style of the swimwear. The latest collection is the "Butterfly" Collection. Cute butterflies in pink, blue and brown adorn the swimwear.

11. Skims by Kim Kardashian

"Skims" was founded by Kim Kardashian back in 2019 under the name "Kimono". As the name was identical to traditional Japanese clothing, she changed the name to "Skims" due to pressure from the public. The first launch sold out within 10 minutes and the brand continued to grow and gain popularity over the years. She advertises her brand not only with herself and her sisters from the Kardashian family, but also with other well-known influencers and celebrities, such as Kate Moss and Heidi Klum. In 2021, Kim Kardashian was awarded the "Brand Innovator Award" by the "Wall Street Journal Magazine" and in 2022 Skims made it onto the list of "TIME's 100 Most Influential Companies of the year 2022".

Skims' product range includes loungewear, shapewear and underwear. The brand's goal is to construct the right garment for every body type. This is achieved by making the shapewear stretchable up to twice the actual clothing size without losing its fit. A nylon and spandex hybrid is mainly used for this. There is also a range of sizes from XXS to XXXXXL. Skims shapewear is not only available for all body sizes, but also in nine different skin colours.

Meanwhile, Skims has a huge product range, with the "Sculpting Mid Waist Brief" being one of the best-sellers. These shapewear pants are designed to define the waist. The "Fits Everybody Collection" is also particularly popular, consisting of soft bras, briefs and thongs. These are breathable and comfortable to wear, but still have the needed support.

12. Yitty by Lizzo

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, known as Lizzo, is a singer and rapper. She is known for her extravagance, unusual stage shows but above all for her commitment against body shaming. She stands for body positivity and self-love. She always shows herself sexy on Instagram and therefore developed a "No Shame" shapewear brand. You should never have to be ashamed of your own body, because Lizzo also knows the feeling and used hide in uncomfortable shapewear. With her brand "Yitty", founded in 2022, shapewear should be comfortable and you should feel good in it. Yitty is the nickname Lizzo received from her aunt when she was a little girl.

The intention of the brand is to create shapewear for everyone, for every day, for a good feeling. Yitty shapewear is available from body size 6XL to XS. It is important to the 33-year-old that the 6XL is presented, because otherwise it is always the opposite case when clothing sizes are given. Comfort is in the foreground here. The designs are in bold colours and patterns, sexy silhouettes and can be worn not only as underwear but also as everyday wear. Sustainability is also an important theme at Yitty. Mainly environmentally friendly and recycled materials are used for the production and completely recyclable packaging is used. Yitty is therefore also certified climate-neutral.

One of the first three main collections is the "Mesh Me" collection. This is designed to smooth and has only a slight compression. The "Headliner" and "Nearly Naked" collections, on the other hand, have a higher compression and are designed to shape and tone the body. There is also currently a "Pride Edition", with a colourful pattern in the colours of the rainbow. In addition to shapewear, you can find underwear and loungewear on the website, all also available in sets.

13. Katy Perry Collections by Katy Perry

Pop singer Katy Perry founded her shoe brand "Katy Perry Collections" in 2017. The designs are entirely in the 37-year-old's well-known style. Colourful, sweet and playful designs, as you are used to from her outfits and music videos. On the website there is a "loyalty program" where you can get advantages by referring friends and also a student discount. It is important to Katy Perry that her shoes are affordable for everyone and not too expensive.

One of the best sellers is the shoe model "The GELI", toe separator sandals with buckle closure made of flexible PVC. The special features are the fruit or shell motifs that serve as toe separators and the shoes' fragrant soles. There is an entire collection of the "GELI", as well as many other sandals, pumps, sneakers and flats. There are pastel colours in the latest Easter collection with checked designs, but also bright colours with glitter, pearls and the recurring fruit and shell elements as well as rainbows. An extra eye-catcher are the fancy heels of some shoes from the Katy Perry Collections.

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