Invest in Dubai with Tatiana Vishnevskaya

Tatiana is a Russian TV personality, producer, and Dubai-based business lady playing an instrumental role in promoting UAE's businesses and regional brands through her vast social media reach and creating content that significantly strengthens UAE-Russia business ties.
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Photo: PR Tatiana Vishnevskaya

Tatiana, when did you arrive in UAE?

I came to Dubai at the end of 2013. By this time, my life was more than complete. I had a prestigious position at the RBC TV channel in Moscow. With an audience of 102 million people in 43 countries. Nothing can beat this feeling when you are professional and so many people are waiting for You to be on air. 

What moved you to the decision to leave a well-paid job as a famous TV presenter in Moscow and come to Dubai?                                                

I have been in the media industry since 2005. Reading political and economic news primetime on federal channels and commercial radio stations. Also, I have been playing on the Forex market. By the way, my the first real estate item I've got from this business. And it's amazing to be in the information field and know all the insights. Basically, to achieve high results, you have to be dedicated to the profession 24 hours.

Do you miss your work on TV in the news? 

In general, I don't. Believe me, media management is quite an interesting profession as well. Since 2017 I have been my author project 'Magnificent Middle East with Tatiana Vishnevskaya.' It's about the achievements in the modern Arab world. The heroes of my programs are Ultra/HNWI with successful businesses. 



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Photo: PR Tatiana Vishnevskaya

Who helped you to organize your first business in UAE?

I remember setting up my first business in 2014 in Dubai. It took some time. Nowadays many things have changed. You can leave the paperwork to professionals with the concierge, feel stress-free and taken care of by the team of highly qualified multilingual experts that offer you the luxury of time. From passport services to banking assistance, the team will help you focus on your core business. I'm sure that delegating the responsibilities is a good quality of the leader! This is another key to success. 

What is your style in work?

I share a vision of tolerance, prosperity, and economic peace that aligns perfectly well with the UAE's cosmopolitan and multicultural environment. I work with Royal families, famous and well-established business local business families, hospitality groups, medical institutions, etc. I have a separate company from media with all licenses needed. 

Where get you all the energy from to handle all such different projects?

My work is my life. I organized myself to have my day long and complete. I wake up at 5 a.m. Psychologists say: by the time you open your eyes in the morning, you must wake up and start a new day. If you want to achieve something, you must have a positive mindset about what you are doing and a well-designed lifestyle. Like in the army. So, it's the first key to success (smiles).

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Photo: PR Tatiana Vishnevskaya

What's your advice to women interested in starting a business in Dubai?

My advice is that it can be a very long process, as it depends on the scale of the business and the amount of investment. Of course, setting up a business for a local lady is much easier than for an ex-pat. UAE is a Muslim country. A lot of support comes from the family. Plus, local government programs are very helpful to set up businesses for ladies. In general, to start something on your own, you must have a proper business plan, at least three years of development. A clear understanding is needed in terms of what result you will have in the end and forget about income for at least 1-2 years as the company owner is a person who opens the door of the office the first and closes the last. Honestly speaking, big businesses belong to men. In my opinion, women should keep the balance. 



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