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Celine Presents Fall 2021 Collection in France

Celine's fall 2021 brought French gardens to life through comfy jeans, a high waist, and a lot of styles
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The lockdown made Hedi Slimane find a good formula for Celine's presentations. Since we are all in the mood to walk in open spaces, he has been appropriating all possible options, be it the balconies of a 16th-century castle or a Speedway. For this women's winter , she went to the gardens of the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte. The collection follows the streetwear-bourgeois line where he has taken the brand - a path that translates into comfortable high-waisted jeans, college influences, and a girl-like styling whose "thrift store" is her mother's wardrobe. Slimane keeps post-pandemic escapism just for the visuals of the videos while the outfit is still on the ground. At most, it offers the luxury of sparkle or other sequins. The apex is the armored skirt as if it were from the Victorian era, covered in golden metal and worn with a leather jacket and cap.

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