GRAHAM & POTT - A Luxury Collection

When cloth manufacturer Mr. Pott first had the idea of protecting his cloth with a homemade marmalade scented paper, little did he know that this legacy would live on as a luxury collection of perfumes – what a beautiful story twist!
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Like the sun rises from over the horizon, so the House of GRAHAM & POTT stands out in the market of haute parfumerie. The House uses traditional infusion techniques, uniquely combining only the high-quality materials to weave a supreme incomparable canvas beyond any expectations. Perfume connoisseurs will rejoice in the rich variations of the perfumes that are influenced by truly Natural factors, like degrees of sunshine or higher proportions of rainfall.

Luxurious Fur and wool from Vicuna, Llama and Alpaca breeds inhabiting the Andes Mountains of South America inspired the House to create its Haute Parfumerie Collection with the fragrances Noble Vicuna, White Sable, Royal Llama, White Vicuna, Majestic Alpaca, Huacaya & Guanaco.

Haut-de-Gamme Collection

When you breathe in the scents of the perfumes from the Haut-de-Gamme Collection, it takes you to lands far away and times long ago, even though the highly anticipated collection launched in 2021. It was inspired by the ancient highly developed Sumerian, Babylonian, Hittite, Indian, and Egyptian civilizations, Ambre Miellé combines the best attributes of honey with Amber to create a genuinely one-of-a-kind and magnificent fragrance with a delightfully absorbing warmth.

The collection takes its inspiration from precious gemstones and contains the extraordinary parfums. Nothing proves that better than Ruby Staple and Améthyste Sereine.

The premiere of Sun King, which gets its name from the Roi Soleil Louis XIV and introduces the most unique and sought-after Ambergris, was also presented this year. Mon Jasmin, a homage to the beautiful simplicity and delicate essence of Jasmine, one of the core constituents of fragrance, is one of the other new offerings. Imperial Amber draws on a warm and oriental amber that genuinely intrigues connoisseurs, leaving no questions about its elegance and dignity.

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