J'amemme Pre-Fall'21 Collection

In the newest J’amemme Pre-Fall’21 Collection, the Japanese culture and European functionality successfully come together. This includes features of the brand's signature pleated origami organza dresses along with a warmer line of quilted padded linen and wool.
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The palette of the J'amemme Pre-Fall'21 Collection is a combination of muted natural tones, highlighted with bright yellow, lilac, and neon green tones. It is important to notice, that the color scheme of the release was inspired by the Japanese artist Wataru Tominaga, who creates vibrant sculptures from crinkled fabrics.

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“I never use direct stylistic quotes, and this collection contains a fusion of elements of traditional Japanese costumes and details of traditional European costumes: for instance, cape sleeves and long gloves.” - Yulie Yarmoliuk, the brand’s designer.

Looking at the warmer part of the collection, one will be quick to notice the inclusion of the brand's experiments with quilted organic linen. While having unique warming properties and being all-natural, this material appears to be greatly underestimated by the fashion industry. J’amemme offers linen in the form of padded suits and jackets with quilted texture in the form of clouds. The collection is also complemented by suits made of quilted eco-leather pieces, as well as form-fitting dresses with kimono sleeves made of fine wool.

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J'amemme's accessory line includes long leather gloves, quilted silk handbags, and an oversized floral taffeta brooch that can be worn with suits and dresses.

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Photography: Klever

Styling: Helga Dubrovska

Hair and Make-up: Vika Oleynik



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