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How Corona Changes Our Fitness Habits in 2021

Covid-19 was pivotal in shaping our fitness habits in 2020. What will change about that in 2021 and what will remain?
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The Corona crisis in 2020 has restricted us in many aspects of life. This also applies to exercising: social workouts in the gym have shifted to homes or outdoors. In the past, the focus was on a perfectly trained body. Today, for many people, exercising is about health, a strong immune system, and better body awareness.

Flexible, Independent and Individual: How to Do Fitness in 2021

This is what the focus will be on in 2021. With the ongoing restrictions in January, the exercise program must be flexible, adapted to one's own needs, and not tied to a specific location. Fitness apps and online workouts will thus remain highly popular. This means that everyone can decide for themselves when and where to work out: Before work, during lunch break, at home, or outside in nature. Wearables such as fitness trackers or smartwatches are used to monitor and optimize performance. Those who want to make their workout more intense can use body weights.

Customized Training Offers for Every Age

Health comes first. More than ever, we were made aware of this in 2020. Exercising regularly is essential for a strong immune system - no matter how old you are. This is why this year there will be a wider range of individual training options to suit all budgets and ages. As ISPO explains, in addition to the classic gyms, smaller fitness studios that offer target-group-specific exercises are becoming more important.

HIIT: Indoor and Outdoor

Fast results through intense training: High-Intensity Interval Training - short HIIT - has been at the top of fitness trends for a while now and is also popular in 2021. As the name suggests, the workout involves short intervals. High-intensity phases alternate with recovery phases. There are workouts of less than five minutes in which the body hits full capacity. Perfect for working out even with a busy schedule!

Spinning Becomes Digital

Cycling and connecting with members from all over the world thanks to artificial intelligence: The new generation of spinning bikes makes it possible. Social-biking regardless of the weather comfortably from home is an important fitness trend in 2021, according to ISPO.

Whether it's exercising on equipment, doing home workouts, or working out with fitness apps in nature, they all have one thing in common this year: mindfulness of one's own psyche and body.

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