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Wake Up with Gwyneth Paltrow's New Goop Coffee

Start your morning with a cuppa Gwyneth Paltrow's new favorite Goop coffee blend.
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After jade eggs, vampire repellant, and vibrator necklaces, the natural next step for Gwyenth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop is coffee. Launching today, Goop's Fair Trade Specialty Coffee is the newest addition to Paltrow’s wellness empire. The morning blend comes from the Tolima region of Colombia, grown by 2015 Cup of Excellence winner Astrid Medina, one of the most notable female growers in the industry.

“It’s so good—this coffee is just what I need right now,” Paltrow told Vogue. “It’s the richest, best-tasting coffee we could find, and the farmer, Astrid Medina, is a brilliant female founder I’m so proud to support.”

The coffee—which is roasted in boutique Newport Beach, CA coffee shop Common Room Roasters before being packaged—boasts a floral palette, with notes of peach and honey. If this seems intentional, it’s because it is, and for good reason. Flip over a bag of Goop Coffee and you’ll find this message: “This blend is fair trade and has been artfully roasted to deliver a full-bodied experience with the flavors, complexity and depth that truly defines speciality coffee.” 

Goop's Fair Trade Specialty Coffee is now available online and in stores.

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