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Be My Valentine!

The finest Valentine's jewelry from the capital of love, Paris, by Lydia Courteille.
Ring La Vie en Rose, Gold 18K , 6 rubis 0.04 ct, 222 pink sapphires 14.95 ct, 1 Morganite 13 cts

The La Vie en Rose collection is a tribute to Paris, the capital of glamor and amour. Parisian women are known around the world for their sex-appeal that is in French style romantic. The primary source of inspiration for the collection is the fascination with the aesthetics of Parisian glamor - "underwear" chic.


1613056244212603 ring la vie en rose 2
Ring La Vie en Rose, 18 K Gold, 45 / 5,16 cts pink sapphires, 33 /3,24 rubies, orange sapphires, black diamonds
1613056372140494 love pendant
LOVE pendant, 18 k gold 28.5 gr, titanium 7.01 gr, 346 sapphires 9.8 ct
1613056419772711 cuff leda and the swan fromla vie en rose coll
Cuff "Leda and the Swan", pink gold 18k 123.85 grs, 1 morganite 354 carat, 1590 pink sapphires 58.03 cts, 2 black sapphires 0.07 ct , 25 DTS / White diamonds 0.55 ct
1613056483122863 lips ring
Lips Ring, 18 K gold, 17 cts pink tourmaline, 1,19 cts brown diamonds

Impressive Scarlet Empress inspired by Russia and Catherine II and the gorgeous Flamingos ring is from Rosa Del Inca Collection inspired by Indians Inca, Argentina, and mineral rhodochrosite.

1613056593061249 cuff scarlet empress
Cuff Scarlet Empress 18 K gold 125.0 grs, 729 rubies 7.71 cts, 4 black spinels 0.03 gr, 1 rubellite 90cts
1613056626698742 rosa del inca ring
Rosa Del Inca Ring 18K Pink gold 21,81grs, 1 rhodochrosite 6grs, sapphires 0,14cts, 3 rubies 0,08cts, 15black diamonds 2,09cts, 16 white diamonds 0,12cts, 107 orange sapphires, 2,18cts, 86 pink sapphires 1,60cts

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