Piercing-free Statement earrings: The 8 best brands for fancy ear cuffs

Earrings have always been one of the most popular pieces of jewellery. Nowadays, the fashionable accessory does not necessarily have to be connected with a piercing. We show you the 8 best brands to make your look an eye-catcher in no time with the glamorous ear cuffs.
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Earrings were already popular thousands of years ago. In the most diverse cultures all over the world you could find them. Earrings were not only jewelry, but also often had a special meaning. Whether cultural, religious or political. Decorating the ears with earrings made of gold, silver or bronze has a long tradition behind it.

Today, especially girls get their ears pierced at a young age. The classic earlobe piercing is usually not even pierced, but punched out. It is a comparatively very thankful piercing as far as healing and the risk of inflammation are concerned. In most cases, it is already completely healed within a few weeks.


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As soon as other parts of the outer and inner cartilage are pierced, there may be some difficulties. Very popular is the helix piercing on the outer, upper auricle. But also piercings along the inner cartilage are popular to wear as plugs or rings. On social media, the so-called "curated ear" trend is widespread. With this one, the more piercings in the ear, the better.

As beautiful and tempting as ear piercings over the whole ear are, they are not always harmless. In many cases, painful inflammations occur. These can then become very dangerous if the piercing is not removed and the inflammation is not treated.

Especially the tragus piercing, which is pierced at the cartilage of the ear entrance, is considered to be particularly delicate.

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In most cases, there is absolutely no need to worry about your health if you want to have a real piercing in your ear. A professional piercing studio and careful aftercare through disinfection are the most important things. However, there is no need to go through the pain and wait for months until the piercing has healed. In the meantime, ear cuffs without piercing are designed in such a way that they are amazingly similar to a real piercing.

Countless designs of piercing-free ear jewellery adorn the ear from top to bottom and allow more variations and optical leeway than pierced earrings. You can decide every day which ear piercings you want to wear, how many of them and also where exactly you want to have them. There is no danger of inflammation, you bypass pain and the healing process. Most importantly, the ear cuffs are an absolute eye-catcher and can be found from simple to extravagant. A win-win situation. A selection from the best brands to get fancy ear cuffs should therefore not be withheld from you.

Charlotte Chesnais combines jewellery and sculptures. Depending on the shape, the jewellery pieces reflect simple elegance or original eye-catchers. The arched and linear earrings flatter not only our artistic eye, but also our fashion-conscious eye.

Charlotte Chesnais founded her eponymous brand in 2015. The mother of three proved her talent early on. She previously worked at Balenciaga for Niclas Ghesquière as a ready-to-wear designer. She was also a consultant designer for Paco Rabanne, A.P.C. and Uniqlo. Charlotte Chesnais says of her jewellery pieces that they are not just earrings, necklaces or rings. They are objects and sculptures, which look beautiful on their own but also on the body. Accordingly, she could have gone in the direction of architecture as well. Her jewellery brand only resulted from the proximity to the fashion industry, from which she originally came. As a "curve designer", arched sculptures are her main focus. As finished pieces of jewellery, they flatter themselves around and against the body.

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Bruna the Label designs its jewellery in Austria. Durable and sustainable jewellery is the motto of the brand. The simple jewellery convinces with its small details, which contribute to the luxurious overall look. 

The Styrian company was shaped by pearl production in Tahiti. Founder Helene Milchrahm was horrified to discover that most pearls are discarded during pearl farming as soon as they are not perfect enough. This inspired her to create the brand in 2019, which now handcrafts each piece of jewellery. Not only ethical pearls are used, but also other high-quality materials such as gemstones and metals. As a certified climate-neutral company, BRUNA The Label donates 1% of its turnover to environmental organisations and puts fairness and sustainability into their jewellery. Apart from the beautiful pearls, the jewellery is made of gold vermeil, a layer of 18-carat gold with a core of high-quality sterling silver.

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M for Movement, A for Art and M for Mission. The Spanish jewellery brand stands for its particularly sustainable production and for its extravagant designs. Each of their statement jewellery pieces is made to draw attention to itself.

Jordi Enrique Albert and Anthya Tirado started with a sustainable watch brand that produces watches from FSC-certified wood. Inspired by nature, they also use other sustainable materials such as recycled leather, recycled stainless steel and paper packaging. Right down to packaging and shipping, environmental awareness is at the forefront to combat CO2 emissions. With a great love for art and our planet, they want to incorporate more and more sustainable materials into their jewellery and make their business as environmentally conscious as possible.

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1651668983502604 mam 5

A very playful and creative variant are the Ear-Cuffs from Helena Thulin. High-quality glass crystals and glass beads are used for the production. With these ear cuffs you truly wear a handmade, small work of art on your ear. 

Helena Thulin founded her eponymous company after successfully graduating from Studio Berçot in Paris and having already worked for renowned brands such as Chloé. With her brand, she wants to give botanical studies a new angle and a more modern take. Flowers and pearls are the designer's greatest inspiration. The beading technique she works with reminds her of her childhood. The attention to detail can be seen in every piece of jewellery. The crystals and pearls should be given a greater meaning through her jewellery and the beading technique should no longer be associated with a simple leisure activity.

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The jewelry manufacturer Swarovski can not be missing from this list. Not only the beautiful crystals but also fancy designs and bright colors enchant Swarovski Ear Cuffs. The mixture of traditional noble and modern styles makes every look immediately sparkle.

The long-standing traditional company has been living up to its name since 1895. The beautiful Swarovski crystals are known for their luxurious cut. That is why Swarovski is known worldwide as one of the leading jewellery and accessory brands. However, the Austrian family business not only remains true to its noble style, but also keeps up with the trend, because innovation and design are part of Swarovski's guiding principles. Bright colours, unusual, modern shapes adorn newer collections.

1651669108205973 swarovski 11651669108384091 swarovski 2
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1651669108579625 swarovski 5

Well-known luxury designers have also jumped on the ear cuff jewellery trend. The triangular logo is always the center of attention in Prada's ear cuffs. In various bright colors and materials, you can adorn yourself with the glamorous logo.

Prada's first big success came years after it was founded in 1913. When the company was taken over in 1978 by Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of founder Mario Prada, a nylon backpack became their bestseller. This had the iconic triangular label that we all know so well. With a mix of classic and eccentric style, Miuccia Prada emphasised that the designs often contain unusual elements that appear abnormal at first glance. However, these are what make up Prada's techno-retro style.

1651669159253954 prada 11651669159299720 prada 2
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The British luxury designer brand does not let up on accessories. The rough, wild shapes and designs look cool and rebellious. With the ear cuffs from Alexander McQueen you always succeed in making a statement.

The designer Lee Alexander McQueen was considered an exceptional talent and revolutionary. Behind all his collections was a well thought-out vision, which he presented in theatrical productions. His collections provoked and enchanted at the same time. Currently, Sarah Burton is the creative director of the brand. She implements new visions in the spirit of Alexander McQueen and continues to keep us in love with the brand's extravagant designs.

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Jimmy Choo exudes glitz and glamor even in jewelry. The luxurious earrings are handmade, unique pieces. Despite the elegance, the ear cuffs do not lose a sweet and charming look, which is why you can wear them at any time. In one design the ear cuff wraps around the ear and makes the star look like a cascading waterfall of sparkles.

The well-known luxury brand originated the shoemaker Jimmy Choo. His niece Sandra Choi founded the current brand with him in 1996. To this day, she is the creative director of Jimmy Choo. Through the influence of celebrities, the glamorous brand quickly became world-famous. Especially their handbags and, of course, their shoes enchant us again and again. The playful, sweet style of Jimmy Choo is now also embodied in their jewellery.

1651669294400004 jimmy 11651669294456182 jimmy 2

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