3 Principles for Creating a Great Tattoo by Ivano Natale

What makes a great tattoo? Is it the color? The design? Or is it something deeper? Something more primal that exists within the soul of man? Renowned tattoo artist Ivano Natale believes it's a combination of all three elements. He may be right, as his accolades prove that he certainly knows how to design an excellent tattoo. He's been featured in several books, with Tattoo Prodigy claiming that he was one of the best in the world, and his clientele spans industries, from rock stars to international football captains. So what does Natale have to say about crafting the perfect tattoo?
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1. A Reflection of Ideas

Natale's methodology focuses on the client's ideas first and foremost. Most of his previous work showcases his unique style and flair. But for Natale, it's not about putting what he wants on the client's skin. Instead, it's about taking their ideas and transforming them into a unique tattoo.

Originality is a fundamental driver for Natale’s crew. Surrounding them are original artworks collected from around the world. The studio’s dedication to art could take anyone’s breath away, as some of these same pieces used to belong to museums before Natale discovered them and brought them where they could do their best work of inspiring original artists.

"Our best advertisement comes from our talent," he says, and he's not wrong. Most people who invest in Natale's work have seen it on his other clients. Taking someone's ideas and representing them on their skin in such a vibrant way is a unique approach to tattoo art. Natale believes that only by understanding what the client wants can an artist create a superior tattoo.

2. Rely on Perspective

Ivano Natale's success stems from his dedication to the craft. In the years he's been training, he's visited many different places. Through his travels, he learned how to translate his hard work into his passion. By distancing himself from those he worked with daily, he was able to gain valuable perspective on the art of tattoo creation. From the very beginnings of his business, he was interested in opening his mind to new ideas. Today, he gets inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. A new idea is only a plane flight away.

3. Offer an Experience

Natale's art is the core of his success, but it's not the only thing that makes him such a pleasure to work with. "I've always focused on offering an experience instead of selling a product," he says. The experience comes from flying to Italy and experiencing the shop. There’s even an in-studio gym that clients can avail themselves of when they stop by to get some work done. Interviews and discussions with Natale introduce his stellar personality to the client. Every step of the way, they're supported by his capable shop manager and staff. While the tattoos are impressive and extraordinary, without the total experience, he would not be nearly as successful. A great tattoo is as much about the client's experience as it is about the art.

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