Xander Neff Was A Paralyzed Army Veteran - Now He’s A Successful Model

From being paralyzed & his honorary discharge from the Army, to a professional athlete and now a successful model - Xander Neff’s story is extraordinary. If you find yourself stuck in a position in life where it seems like there is no happy way way out, its time for you to look into the stories of others. You are not alone, and challenges can be there to overcome. Xander Neff has gone against the odds, beating extreme physical as well as mental health issues to live his dream.
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A Tale Of Adversity

Xander was 19 years old when he decided to skip school that one day. It had just snowed and going to the snowboarding park seemed like a great idea. The New York based athlete decided to try and achieve the goal of a double backflip, bear in mind he was approaching professional levels of skill at the time. He didn’t throw caution into the wind, just gauged the situation wrong.

After hitting the pavement and waking up in the hospital a week later, Xander learned that his head received a crack and his body from waist down was now paralyzed. There was no sensation whatsoever. Life as he knew it seems bleak and out of reach.

Heart Of A Warrior

But Xander didn’t give up. He decided to turn his adversity into an opportunity. The young soul decided to form a resolution to work towards recovery. Even if the doctors had told him that he could not walk again, he decided to give it all. Within six months of intense rehab and recovery, he was on his feet again and achieving new heights on the snowboard. This was a new, redefined, sculpted Xander Neff who worked on himself. It wasn’t the life that gave him a second chance, he created it, he stole it and he decided to own it.

The psychological aftermath of the accident would last a lot longer than the physical damage, despite first predictions of medical officials hinting otherwise. Snowboarding would always be joined by a bitter taste, a taste that forced Neff to new challenges.

Xander Neff enrolled into the army where he served for four years. However, due to several mental issues still associated with the incident, he was given an honorable discharge from the army. And it was thanks to one of his brothers in arms, that he discovered the world of modelling. It started with a random appearance at a photoshoot with his friend, where photographers persuaded him to give the industry a shot himself.

From there on, he decided to start his Instagram account which led him to grow a tremendous fan base. From there on, other doors just kept opening for the young man with a new found passion for life. Xander Neff has come an unconventional, if not extraordinary path, resulting in a lucrative and successful career. At his lowest times, it goes without saying he had no idea where he will and strength would take him. An inspiration for others.

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